Frequently Asked Questions


What does the term Ozoner mean and where did it come from?

Starting in 1933, when the first drive-in theater opened, Variety magazine used the term .Ozoner. to describe an outdoor movie theatre in which the patrons view a film from their automobile. It was also used to describe people that attended drive-in movie theatres.

How did drive-ins get started?

Richard Hollingshead Jr., known as the father of the drive-in movie theater, capitalized on the success of the drive-in restaurant, extending the in-your-car-convenience to include the silver screen. He patented the idea three years after the idea's conception. The first drive-in theater opened in Camden, New Jersey in June 1933. June 6th is celebrating to this day as Hollingshead Day, or the birthdate of the drive-in.

How was the drive-in invented?

It is said Richard Hollingshead Jr.'s motive was to sell more auto products since that is what Richard Hollingshead did for a living in the 1930s. He supposedly theorized that the best way to do this was to establish a place where people could park their cars, enjoy a meal, and watch a movie outdoors.

What are the historical milestones?

For an overview of notable drive-in movie related milestones see our Dynamic Drive-in Movie Timeline

What is a Guerrilla Drive-in?

Drive-in theaters that use only a temporary structure are sometimes referred to as Guerrilla Drive-ins. Sometimes they set up in the same place each week to show movies in the evening, while others travel to different locations.