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Skyline Drive-In Theater - Historical Data

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Date Event Type Event Description
Aug, 1984 disaster Minor screen damage from hurricane
Hurricane Dianna damaged screen. was repaired, name and format changed.
Sep, 1984 reopening Reopened after Hurricane, name changed to Skyway
Since both Wilmington Drive-ins were damaged by Hurricane Dianna, Skyline was the only one repaired and reopened. Previously Skyline had most recently showing all X-rated pictured, but since this was now the only drive-in, the format was changed to regular comercial titles with an X-rated late show on weekends only. The name was changed to reflect the combination of the old Skyline and old Starway into the new Skyway Drive-In. It wasnt as successful as expected. Perhaps there was too much of a stigma associated with having been a former X-rated drive-in.
2004 - alias Operated as Skyline Drive-In Theater
2004 - 2018 operator Stewart
2004 - 2018 owner Stewart

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