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Marshall Drive-In in Albertville,AL

Marshall Drive-In

Albertville, AL

taken by: Ron Griffith

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Tawasentha Drive-In in Scottsboro,AL

Tawasentha Drive-In

Scottsboro, AL

from: Ron Griffith

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Tower Drive-In Theater in East Gadsden,AL

Tower Drive-In Theater

East Gadsden, AL

submitted by: Ron Griffith

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112 Drive-In Theater in Fayetteville,AR

112 Drive-In Theater

Fayetteville, AR


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Asher Drive-In Theater in Little Rock,AR

Asher Drive-In Theater

Little Rock, AR

from: Usgs

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Carousel Drive-In in Fordyee,AR

Carousel Drive-In

Fordyee, AR

taken by: Tom Berger

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Razorback Drive-In in Camden,AR

Razorback Drive-In

Camden, AR

credit: Tom Berger

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Rocket Drive-In Theater in Magnolia,AR

Rocket Drive-In Theater

Magnolia, AR

from: Tom Berger

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Twin City Drive-In in Sherwood,AR

Twin City Drive-In

Sherwood, AR

credit: Usgs

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Aero Drive-In Theater in El Cajon,CA

Aero Drive-In Theater

El Cajon, CA

uploaded by: Ron Griffith

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Concord Automovies in Concord,CA

Concord Automovies

Concord, CA

uploaded by: Usgs

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Victory Drive-In Theater in North Hollywood,CA

Victory Drive-In Theater

North Hollywood, CA

taken by: Ron Griffith

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Star Drive-In Theater in Montrose,CO

Star Drive-In Theater

Montrose, CO

submitted by: Ron Griffith

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New Haven Drive-In in North Haven,CT

New Haven Drive-In

North Haven, CT

taken by: Usgs

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Waterford Drive-In in Waterford,CT

Waterford Drive-In

Waterford, CT

from: Usgs

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Arrow Drive-In Theater in Hollywood,FL

Arrow Drive-In Theater

Hollywood, FL

uploaded by: Rocco Santuzzi

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Brevard Drive-In Theater in Melbourne,FL

Brevard Drive-In Theater

Melbourne, FL

credit: Ron G.

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Four Points Drive-In in Tallahassee,FL

Four Points Drive-In

Tallahassee, FL

submitted by: Randall Kunkel

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Haven Dale Drive-In in Winter Haven,FL

Haven Dale Drive-In

Winter Haven, FL

taken by: Ron Griffith

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Islander Drive-In in Stock Island,FL

Islander Drive-In

Stock Island, FL

from: Ron Griffith

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Tropicaire Drive-In in Miami,FL

Tropicaire Drive-In

Miami, FL

from: Ron Griffith

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Glenwood Drive-In in Decatur,GA

Glenwood Drive-In

Decatur, GA

from: Ron Griffith

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La Grange Drive-In in La Grange,GA

La Grange Drive-In

La Grange, GA

credit: Ron Griffith

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North 53 Drive-In in Rome,GA

North 53 Drive-In

Rome, GA

submitted by: Ron Griffith

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