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Jun 1, 2016
Mountain Views Stone Drive-In Theater off Gayler Street in Mountain View behind a thick wall of trees is the Stone Drive-In Theater. Run by spry and amicable Bobby Thompson, the Stone Drive-In Theater is a novelty you must try if you are in Mountain View over the weekend. Movies are played...       link
Mar 30, 2017
Drive-In Goes Digital Mountain View's Stone Drive-In Theatre has remained virtually unchanged for more than 50 years, and movie-goers this season likely won't notice much difference in their drive-in experience. However, important changes have taken place behind the scenes,...       Stone County Leader       link
Aug 3, 2017
Blast from the past Region hosts three of the last bastions of family entertainment Three of those are housed in Arkansas the other two are the 112 Drive-in Movie Theater in Fayetteville and Stone Drive-In Theatre in Mountain View. Kenda and her husband Todd took over the business in 2003 and it has grown each year. Kenda says...       Baxter Bulletin       link
Oct 26, 2017
24 hours in Mountain View The Stone Drive-In Theater plays movies when it gets dark. I mean this literally Its Facebook page tells customers, Movie starts at dark! You pull in and pay, tune your radio to the correct frequency and enjoy the classic drive-in experience. $5 ...       Arkansas Times       link

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