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May 12, 1998
Fade out for Burlingame drive-in Developer pictures offices, hotel in place of theater BURLINGAME - With ticket booths that look like Swiss chalets and a domed snack bar designed to resemble a spaceship, the Burlingame 4 Drive-In evokes a goofier, earlier time. By Eve Mitchell.       San Francisco Examiner       link
May 7, 1998
Roll the credits for this drive-in Theaters lose as land values increase. front page By Kim Vo.       San Mateo County Times       link
May 4, 1998
Thats all, folks End of an era Burlingame Drive-In to close Peninsula Section By Heidi Van Zant.       San Jose Mercury News       link
Apr 12, 1997
Burlingame Drive-In Thrives in Cineplex Age Peninsula section, page p1 By Marshall Wilson.       San Francisco Chronicle       link
Mar 22, 1997
Burlingame Drive-In faces uphill battle By Sarah Weld.       San Mateo County Times       link
Mar 10, 1997
Burlingames drive-in days at a turning point With movie venue for sale, Brisbane resident is reeling with ideas to save it By Eve Mitchell.       San Francisco Examiner       link
Jun 24, 2000
Burlingame Drive-In still reeling in customers Reports of theater's demise premature By Dwana Bain.       Independent Newspapers California       link
May 5, 2000
Plan Rejected to Develop Burlingame Drive-In Site Burlingame -- The Planning Commission turned down a developer's proposal to build an office park at the site of the former Burlingame Drive-In.       San Francisco Chronicle       link
Dec 1, 1996
California Drive-Ins KQED Radio By Steven Cuevas.       California Report       link
Aug 11, 2000
A Passion for Passion Pits Jennifer Sherer stubbornly refuses to believe that the drive-in theater is a fading icon of 1950s American pop culture, perhaps destined to disappear from the landscape altogether. By Bill Workman.       San Francisco Chronicle       link

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