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Mar 26, 1973
Announcement Theater also known as the Chief Solano-second screen added in 1973.       Box Office Magazine       link
Feb 17, 2017
The day the drive-in died in Fairfield Jennifer knew Fairfield's drive-in movie theater, Chief Auto Movies, held a special place in her husband's heart. As a child it was his favorite family outing as they loaded up their station wagon weekly. Working in the snack bar had been Jeff's first ...       Fairfield Daily Republic       link
Apr 23, 2018
Back in the Day Take my old-school Fairfield quiz and win a prize Part 2 True or false In 1952 the Solano Drive-In movie theater, later renamed Chief Auto Movies, had a weekly drawing for free nylons for ladies only. Answer B. False. Comment OK, actually they did have drawings for free nylons (for ladies only ...       Fairfield Daily Republic       link

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