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Jul 11, 2001
The Pleasure of a Movie Alfresco There's a small trend in America--a return to simple pleasures--fueled in part by our collective frustrations over HMOs, gas prices, corporate greed, bungled elections, and a general sense that life should be a little more satisfying. By Chris Erskine.       Los Angeles Times       link
Sep 9, 2001
When We Watched Movies In The Car Drive-in movie theaters are not just icons of an era in American culture. They're still around you just need to know where to look. CBS News Sunday Morning Anchor Charles Osgood reports. By Charles Osgood.       CBS News Sunday Morning       link
Feb 13, 2003
Rules of Attraction What famous couples like to do on dates Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy list bowling and attending the drive-in in Pasadena.       People Magazine       link
May 2, 2014
Jimmy Buffett Broadcasting Live Concert To Drive-Ins Across The Country No word on whether the concert will be streaming at any SoCal drive-ins like Vineland Drive-In Theater in the City of Industry or Electric Dusk Drive-In in downtown LA but fingers crossed that at least one SoCal venue will be added on Friday. View ...       K-Earth 101 FM       link
Oct 3, 2014
Best Drive-In Movie Theater Drive-in movie theaters are something of a relic these days, but Pacific Theatres' Vineland Drive-In in the City of Industry soldiers on. Since it opened its gates in April 1955, audiences have been watching flicks (and teens have been making out) from ...       LA Weekly       link

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Sep 6, 2002
Vineland Drive-In The NBC affiliate channel 4 ran a story on the 11pm news suggested that the drive-ins days were numbered. The story was a series of interviews of people at the theater and why they like attending. link
Mar 16, 2003
American Dreams link