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Jul 10, 2003
Lights to go up on Salem drive-in History is being built this week just south of Salem. Movie theater owner Mark McSparin is building a new drive-in theater near Salem and plans to open the 400-car complex on Saturday, Aug. 2. By Tim Cain.       Herald Review       link
Aug 1, 2003
Owner wants to bring back memories... and create new ones SALEM They used to dot the countryside, usually at the edge of town, their structures soaring like giant white sails above the nearby corn and bean fields. By John C. Scattergood.       Mt. Vernon Register-News       link
Aug 9, 2003
Drive-in theater opens But at a time when these theaters have long since given way to multiplex theaters, a steel screen rising from a former hayfield near this southern Illinois town tells a different story. It's brand new.       Beloit Daily News       link

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