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Aug 11, 2001
Area drive-ins regaining popularity To the sound of gravel crunching under tires and nostalgic commercial jingles blaring from speakers, Darrin Brownlee hauled out his knee-high grill and barbecue fixin's from the trunk of his burgundy sedan. By Mara Rose Williams.       Kansas City Star       link
Jun 17, 2002
KCKs Boulevard Drive-In Thrives Again KANSAS CITY, Kan. - A short car ride east of Lawrence on Interstate 70, past the neon marquee of the Boulevard Drive-In Theatre, transports John Schmidt back in time. By Mindie Paget.       Kansas City Star       link
Jul 27, 2001
Boulevard Drive-In, survivor of the drive-in theater age Nestled among the trees a block west of 1-35 just across the Johnson County line is the survivor of the great drive-in theater age. The Boulevard Drive-In, located at 1051 Merriam Lane, has operated continuously since June 30, 1950.       Johnson County Sun       link
Sep 20, 2000
Dying breed JoCo fans flock to last KCK drive-in The drive-in theater is a dying breed thats already extinct in Johnson County, but theres one just across the county line that is thriving. In fact, Johnson Countians comprise 40% of customers at Boulevard Drive-In. By Micheal D. Smith.       Johnson County Sun       link
Sep 17, 2000
Remember When Cattle Night at Drive-In Years ago in the late 1950s, when our children were little, one of our favorite places to go was the Boulevard Drive-In Theatre, on Southwest Boulevard in Kansas City, Kan. By Shirley Williams.       Kansas City Star       link
May 1, 2000
WILD WILD WES NEAL The Boulevard Drive-In The Boulevard Drive-in Theater opened its screen to the public in 1950. Now with Y-2-K, it is celebrating its 50th year anniversary, and owner Wes neal (in his 70s) is still owner and operator of the theater. By Cathy Snell.       Roadside       link
May 30, 1999
The digital drive-in Digital sound? At a drive-in? It sounds a little goofy, drive-ins being at heart a retro movie going experience. But the folks at the Boulevard Drive-In in Kansas City Kansas, recently became the first m the world to install digital sound. By Robert W. Butler.       Kansas City Star       link
Aug 4, 2002
The Boulevard Lives On Thirty minutes from Leavenworth, the era of the drive-in is alive and well. Picture it now, a cool summer night, the car windows rolled down, the sky as your ceiling and the stars right before your eyes on the big screen, But, do you remember? By Lisa Horn.       Leavenworth Times       link
Sep 14, 2003
Wes Neal Celebrates Wes Neal celebrates 50 years at the drive-in. From his office window, Neal surveys his land with the mien of a farmer. In Neal's filed of dreams, hundreds of small, gray boxes attached to poles form terraces in the brown dirt and gravel. By Kelly McEniry.       Kansas City Star       link
Jul 18, 2015
Photo gallery Boulevard Drive-In Theatre in KCK The Kansas City Star The ... Photo gallery Boulevard Drive-In Theatre in KCK. Sixty-five years after opening the Boulevard Drive-In Theatre, owner Wes Neal, 87, continues to take tickets and roam the grounds, but he has handed over most the business to his grandson, Brian Neal.       Kansas City Star       link
Mar 22, 2017
Drive-in theater celebrates new season with free movie The Boulevard Drive-in Theatre, 1051 Merriam Lane, Kansas City, Kan., will kick off its 68th season with a special Celebration of Dedication to its longtime owner, Wes Neal, plus a free movie. Neal, who is approaching his 90th birthday this year, is ...       The Dispatch       link
Jul 10, 2017
Kansas Citys Boulevard Drive-in offers an iconic summer ritual The ... The drive-in movie experience is about so much more than just seeing a film on a big screen. There is something about it that is hardwired into our American...       Kansas City Star       link
Jun 6, 2018
Drive-in theaters merge past and present Last week, I stumbled across an advertisement for a drive-in movie theater. Wait, these are still around? The drive-in, Boulevard Drive-In Theater, is located in Kansas City, Kansas. They were showing a double feature that weekend starting Friday and ...       Washburn Review       link

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