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Sep 12, 2000
David Newman show Host David Newman talks with Jennifer and Kipp Sherer about drive-ins and takes calls from listeners. By Detroit, Michigan.       WJR 760 AM       link
Jul 5, 2002
Kids still come in their footy pajamas DEARBORN - On a recent warm summer night, 13-year-old Paul Stennett sprawled out on the roof of his mothers minivan and waited for Scooby Doo to begin. By David Enders.       Lansing State Journal       link
Jul 27, 2003
Drive-ins have reinvented themselves as nostalgic destinations The cars are parked the sun has set. But before Harry Clark starts the movie, he must put on his most flamboyant 50s DJ voice. It echoes over 300 tinny window speakers and car radios. By John Monaghan.       Detroit Free Press       link
Sep 4, 2003
Sun still hasnt set on the drive-in tradition The sunset is purple and orange as a warm day cools into comfortable night. There aren't many evenings left like this as summer fades, perfect nights for a drive-in movie. By Matt Helms.       Detroit Free Press       link
Sep 16, 2014
New book takes a nostalgic look at the Ford-Wyoming Drive-In America was built on, among other things, cool rides, hot dogs and movies a leisure-time trinity that reached its zenith with the drive-in theater. In the pages of The Ford-Wyoming Drive-In, you can relive the history of the landmark in Dearborn ...       Detroit Free Press       link
Jan 30, 2015
BOOK SNEAK PEEK The Ford-Wyoming Drive-In, My Favorite Place On Earth If there's something that's almost inextricably tied to car culture, it's the drive-in movie theatre. Detroit, being an epicenter of that, had some of the most amazing ones. Today, it's the Ford-Wyoming in Dearborn that still stands. Having just ...       Daily Detroit       link

Media For Ford Drive-In Theater

Apr 22, 2003
Metro Ford Dealers Features Detroit Red Wing Anthemsinger and local celebrity Karen Neuman link
May 28, 2004
Drive-In Theater Reportedly Target Of Arson Fire Officials Say Paper Towel Used To Ignite Fire. A Dearborn drive-in theater was reportedly the target of arson Friday morning. link