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Oct 12, 2017
A Weekend of Terrifying Halloween Thrills will Haunt Two Area Drive-in Theaters Oct. 13 and 14. Retro horror movie marathons are taking place at two Albany, NY area drive-in theaters on (most appropriately) Friday Oct. 13 and Saturday Oct. 14, 2017 to bring on the Halloween season. The Greenville Drive-in Theater, in Greenville, NY is presenting...       Hudson Valley 360       link
Jul 6, 2018
At the Greenville Drive-In, older movies with a festive vibe The sun was lowering on Greenville. The shadows were lengthening. Slender clouds reached across the blue and over the nearby Catskills as a scattering of people, lounging on blankets and chairs, relaxed in a grassy field dotted with cars and trucks.       Albany Times Union       link

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