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Jan 17, 1999
A mix of 2 American passions Drive-ins capitalized on our love of cars and movies. They originated in Camden. The story goes like this Richard M. Hollingshead's mother was a rather robust woman who one day told her son she hated the narrow seats in indoor movie theaters. By Angela Couloumbis.       Philadelphia Inquirer       link
Jul 31, 1999
When the drive-in theater was king The automobile age and Hollywood's fantasyland crossed paths 65 years ago in Camden, N.J., with the opening of the first drive-in theater. It changed the way Americans dated and created a way for parents to go to the movies. By Kay Houston.       Detroit News       link
Apr 1, 2003
The Drive-In The story of how drive-ins came to be, starting with the Hollingshead Jr. invention. By Carol J. Perry.       GEICO Direct       link
Jun 8, 2003
At The Drive-In Seventy years ago, in 1933, the first drive-in movie theater in America opened the gates in Camden, N.J., playing to a packed house. By Charles Osgood.       CBS News Sunday Morning       link
Jun 27, 2003
How many drive-in theaters are left in the U.S. In our humble opinion, far too few, but we turned to the Drive-In category of the Yahoo! Directory for a concrete answer. At, we scanned the history section and picked up a few relevant facts.       Yahoo       link
Jun 6, 2004
History The Park-In Movie Theatre Did you know that drive in movies got their start right here in our area? By R. Cohen.       South Jersey       link
Nov 3, 2014
Rutgers explores Camden drive-in theater, the first in the country Here's a surprising little fact Camden was home to the nation's first drive-in movie theater. Richard Hollingshead, a resident of Camden, opened the very first drive-in theater in the city on what's now Admiral Wilson Boulevard on the border of ...       The Star-Ledger       link
Apr 23, 2015
10 facts about the Camden Drive-In theater Did you know that Camden was once home to the first drive-in movie theater? Now you do. And now, you also know that this summer, Camden is brining back drive-in movies with two showings at a pop-up drive-in movie theater on July 17 and August 21.       Cherry Hill Courier Post       link

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