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Oct 1, 1999
Ted Francis and Family Keep Drive-In Traditions Thriving By Eric Gipson.       Box Office Magazine       link
Aug 21, 2000
Motors movies Blowing down Highway 99W, with August's ginger hills spilling away from the road that connects Newberg to Portland, I attempt to conjure what little I know about the drive-in theater phenomenon. By Amanda Marie Pennelly.       Portland Business Journal       link
Aug 19, 2000
Drive-Ins       KATU TV Channel 2       link
Jun 1, 2001
Big Screens Beneath the Stars Thought drive-ins went the way of full-service gas stations? Not so. The really big screen is better than ever. By Amanda Lynch.       American Way       link
May 2, 2002
Boule Martian seeks popcorn on Earth The 99-W Drive-In sells out some nights. That's right, in the face of DVD rentals, encroaching development, rainy Northwest windshields and 20-screen multiplexes, there still are plenty of people who like the idea. By Margie Boule.       Oregonian       link
Aug 16, 2002
Drive-In Movies American summer pleasures the drive-in. NPR's Cara Gerhard reports that while fond memories of drive-ins may invoke visions of bobby-soxers, the outdoor movie house is still around. By Cara Gerhard.       National Public Radio NPR       link
Jul 1, 2003
Best drive-in theaters Make a date under the stars. By James Boone.       Sunset Magazine       link

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