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Jul 9, 2000
Making some movie memories at the Rustic North Smithfield--Brandon Fontes, 12, squiggles from side to side, finding the most comfortable position on his perch atop his family's jeep, then rummages his hand inside a bag of popcorn. By Kara Kuzirian.       link
Apr 18, 2002
Where Have All the Drive-Ins Gone Outdoor Theaters Have Become an Endangered Species. STORY HIGHLIGHTS The Frozen Chicken, Ex-boyfriend Blues The Joy of Bringing Your Own Seat Remember When You Could Bring Your Own Goobers? By Heidi Oringer.       ABC Radio Network       link

Media For Rustic Tri-View Drive-In

Jan 1, 1999
Umbra 5 x 7 picture frame Upright wooden picture frame uses black and white print of this drive-in marquee as the sample photo link