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Oct 10, 1998
Town pitches in to rebuild drive-in screen RULE - Allene Whorton thought she'd shown her last picture show when a tornado demolished the screen of her Tower Drive-In movie. By Jon McConal.       Star-Telegram       link
Aug 13, 1999
Rules historic drive-in theater is back RULE From five miles west of Rule you can see the screen of the Tower Drive-In Theater sticking up white as a sheet of paper over the flat, green cotton fields. It looks like an unchewed Chicklet stuck to the horizon. By Ken Ellsworth.       Abilene Reporter-News       link
May 12, 1998
Drive-in owner plans to rebuild RULE - Two years ago this spring, Allene Whorton told a reporter her Tower Drive-In would open if we just don't get rain and blown away. But last Friday night that's just what happened. By Bob Bruce.       Abilene Reporter-News       link
Aug 27, 1998
Rule drive-in fund started RULE - Residents have started a drive to rebuild the Tower Drive-In Theater, a Rule landmark that was flattened during a violent wind storm on May 8. By Oleta Cornelius.       Abilene Reporter-News       link
May 23, 1998
Wheat harvest much better than expected so far ...In addition, wheat yields have been better than expected despite the May 8 high winds and hailstorm when the famed Tower Drive-In movie theater was destroyed as a Rule landmark. By J.T. Smith.       Abilene Reporter-News       link

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