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May 24, 2015
Owners of Manitoba drive-in theatre say they must go digital or close KILLARNEY, Man. - The sun appears to be setting on one of the few remaining drive-in movie theatres in Manitoba. Joanne Struss, one of the owners of the Shamrock Drive-In in Killarney, says the theatre won't be opening this summer. Struss says ...       Winnipeg Free Press       link
Jul 13, 2015
Lightning damages Killarneys drive-in theatre screen A lightning strike has put one of Manitoba's only remaining drive-in theatres temporarily out of commission. Killarney's drive-in theatre to close this summer. Shamrock drive in Killarney. Two 14-metre-tall posts that propped up the screen at Shamrock ...       link
Jul 31, 2015
Manitoba drive-in theatre damaged in severe storm set to show Twister The Shamrock Drive-In in Killarney before it was hit by severe weather a few weeks ago. The Shamrock Drive-In. What is this? Sponsored content is written by Global News' editorial staff without any editorial influence by the sponsor. If you'd like to ...       link
Jun 26, 2016
Killarneys Shamrock Drive In theatre loses screen to wild weather, again The Shamrock Drive In theatre in Killarney, Man., was preparing for their first season with a digital projector when the weekend's wild weather took out their screen on Friday. My husband and my children that were still at home were watching movies ...       link
Jun 27, 2016
Storm damages Manitoba drive-in theatre screen for second time A massive storm has put one of Manitoba's last standing drive-in theatres out of commission, yet again. On Friday evening, the Shamrock Drive-In theatre, located south of Killarney, Man., was hit by a powerful wind storm, knocking down the screen and ...       link
Jul 19, 2016
Shamrock owners hope to have rebuilt theatre in place next year Plans are in place to rebuild Westman's lone drive-in theatre after a storm late last month caused the big movie screen to collapse. Joanne Struss, owner of the Shamrock Drive-In Theatre in Killarney, says she hopes to have the drive-in ready to go ...       Westman Journal       link
Apr 12, 2018
Shamrock Drive-In theatre could become DIY project Shamrock Drive-In theatre could become DIY project. By Ian Froese Posted 04122018 300 AM. Tweet Post Reddit ShareThis Print Email. The owners of Killarney's toppled drive-in theatre might rebuild the screen themselves. I think we'll just do ...       Brandon Sun       link
Jul 19, 2018
Family still hoping to reopen drive-in KILLARNEY The cute awkwardness of teenagers on first dates and the family-friendly, community atmosphere of Killarney's Shamrock Drive-In movie theatre is able to foster have been engrained in the hearts of its owners. It's not like in the (indoor ...       Brandon Sun       link

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