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Jun 10, 2015
Another drive-in theatre in Manitoba struggles to make digital switch The Stardust Drive In Theatre in Morden, Man. is shuttered this summer as it fundraises enough cash to pay for the new digital equipment needed to keep the theatre open. Killarney's drive-in theatre to close this summer. Originally, the quote for the ...       link
Jul 7, 2015
In Morden, one of Manitobas last drive-in theatres makes a final stand The Stardust Drive-In Theatre near Morden launched a crowd-funding campaign through last month to try to raise $30,000 to help the theatre convert to digital projectors from the traditional 35mm equipment that is in place. The campaign...       The Carillon       link
Jul 8, 2015
Mordens Stardust Drive-In to stay open, thanks to donors The show will go on at the Stardust Drive-In, after donors gave more than $30,000 to help keep the Morden, Man., outdoor movie theatre open. A Kickstarter campaign has raised $32,000 to help pay for new digital projection equipment, pushing past the ...       link

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