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Cascade Outdoor Theatre - Facts & Highlights

General Information edit

Cascade Outdoor Theatre

No known aliases.
Currently in operation
1100 East North Ave. -- IL 64
W. Chicago, IL 60185
Express Code: iltcasc
Status: open
Season: March - November
Year Built: 1952
Screens: 1
Car Capacity: 1200
Opening Date:
First Movie:
(630) 231-3150
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Adults - $10.00,Children (ages 5 through 11) - $5.00, under 5 free.15 carload on Sunday deal: Must specify you want the carload deal
Pets are admitted free
Sound: FM (88.5), AM, speakers
Projection: Digital
Converted to Digital:
Movie Features: Current movies with old color dancing hot dogs trailer at intermission
Offering: Picnic area with barbecues, frequent movie bonus card, full service food concession
Notes: Frequent movie goer card
1 concessions before closing
Factoid: Largest operating drive-in in Illinois
Location: Near Route 66

Theater Timeline

1952    Opened


  • operators
    Cinema Management Corp.
    2007 - current
  • owners
    Cinema Management Corp.
    2007 - current

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