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Galva Autovue Theatre - Facts & Highlights

General Information edit

Galva Autovue Theatre

No known aliases.
Closed down
8 James B. Young Road
Galva, IL 61434
Express Code: iltgalv
Status: closed
Season: April - October
Year Built: 2003
Screens: 2
Car Capacity: 250
Acres: 5.3
Opening Date:
First Movie:
Site: active
Details: Closed until further notice due to lack of funds
Sound: FM(91.1,88.7) radio
Converted to Digital:
Movie Features:
Location: Located in Henry County, on an unmarked route, on the north edge of town across the street from the high school

Theater Timeline

2003    Target Groundbreaking
2005    Opened


  • operators
    Justin West
    2012 - current
  • owners
    Justin West
    2012 - current

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