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Van Dyke Drive-In - Facts & Highlights

General Information edit

Van Dyke Drive-In

No known aliases.
Closed down
32341 Van Dyke Ave. -- M-53
Warren, MI 48093
Express Code: mitvand
Status: closed
Year Built: 1955
Screens: 3
Car Capacity: 1500
Opening Date: 08/13/1955
First Movie: 1. Strange Lady In Town, 2. Kiss Me Deadly
Site: torn down
Details: Now occupied by various businesses
Sound: RCA
Converted to Digital:
Movie Features:
Offering: Arcade
Notes: Go-carts
Batting cages
Driving range
Aesthetics: Mural with baseball, soccer ball and golf ball

Theater Timeline

1955    Grand opening
1986    Final year of operation
1991    Torn down


  • operators
    Detroit Theaters
    2002 - current
  • owners
    Detroit Theaters
    2002 - current

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