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Beverly Drive-In Theater - Facts & Highlights

General Information edit

Beverly Drive-In Theater

No known aliases.
Closed down
5320 U.S. 49
Hattiesburg, MS 39401
Express Code: mstbeve
Status: closed
Season: All year
Year Built: 1948
Screens: 2
Car Capacity: 500
Opening Date: 05/29/1948
First Movie:
Site: torn down
Details: Apartment Complex called Village at the Beverly
Sound: FM
Converted to Digital:
Movie Features:
Aesthetics: Neon
Screen Tower: Home in screen tower
Notes: Opens twice each year for fundraisers
Location: Located on the south side of town, off US Hwy 49 at Edwards Street

Theater Timeline

1948    Grand opening
1987    Last year of first-run operation
2001    Grand reopening by new owners Jim Norton and Barbara Suick
2005    Closes after it is severely damaged by Hurricane Katrina
2010    Drive-In is destroyed by fire


  • operators
    N & S Theaters
    2006 - current
  • owners
    N & S Theaters
    2006 - current

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