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Motor Park Drive-In - Facts & Highlights

General Information edit

Motor Park Drive-In

Motor Park (1968 - 1968)
Closed down
612 N Kinston Blvd Hwy 11
Pink Hill, NC 28572
Express Code: nctmoto
Status: closed
Season: Open 7 nights a week year the 40's and 50's and only on the weekend in the 60's.
Year Built: 1948
Screens: 1
Car Capacity: 200
Opening Date: 04/10/1948
First Movie: Rose Of Santa Rosa
Site: torn down
Details: Site is now a trailer park. Original ticket-booth snack bar building was enlarged and made into a roadside cafe which stills stands but closed as of 1-28-2015.
Sound: post speakers
Converted to Digital:
Movie Features:
Offering: Screen was built with a lean-to tin covered house on back side facing Hwy 11. Had a 100 seat grandstand building between projector building and screen with open front and benches for folks who did'nt have wheels. Also picnic tables and Kiddie playground. Projectionist was Joseph
Aesthetics: Screen had neon CowboyCowgirl characters
Technical: RCA and Balantyne SoundProjection equipment

Theater Timeline

1948    Owner-Manager
1953    Owner Operator
1968    Closed And Torn Down


  • owners
    C. B. Hayworth.
    1948 - 1953 , 1948 - 1953
  • projectionists
    Joseph Howard Popcorn Taylor
    1948 - 1968
  • managers
    J. V. Caudill
    1950 - 1953
    Buck And Pig Johnson
    1953 - 1968

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