Silver Lake Drive-In - Facts & Highlights

General Information edit

Silver Lake Drive-In

No known aliases.
ozoner location Currently in operation
7037 Chapman Ave.
Perry, NY 14530
Express Code: nytsilv
Status: open
Season: April - October
Year Built: 1949
Screens: 2
Car Capacity: 420
Opening Date:
First Movie:
(585) 237-3372
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Sound: FM(100.1,100.9), AM, speakers
Converted to Digital:
Movie Features:
Offering: miniature golf
Concessions: Ice cream pizza parlor

Theater Timeline

1949    Opened
1966    Bought By J. Stephanon (current Owner's Father)
1998    Renovated And Expanded The Miniature Golf Course
2000    Added 2nd Screen


  • owners
    J. Stephanon Current Owner's Father
    1966 - 2014
    R. Stefanon
    2006 - current
  • operators
    R. Stefanon
    2006 - current

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