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Memphis Drive-In Theater - Facts & Highlights

General Information edit

Memphis Drive-In Theater

No known aliases.
playground Closed down
10543 Memphis Ave
Brooklyn, OH 44144
Express Code: ohtmemp
Status: closed
Season: March - October
Year Built: 1954
Screens: 3
Car Capacity: 1000
Opening Date: 04/17/1954
First Movie: The Eddie Cantor Story
Site: no remains
Details: Sold to American Greetings Corp. in 2006 and torn down
Sound: FM(91.7,92.1,90.7), speakers
Converted to Digital:
Movie Features: Intermission trailers
Offering: Swap meet and playground
Offer: Near the Cleveland Zoo and the Honeyhut ice cream stand

Theater Timeline

1954    Grand opening
2006    Final night of operation


  • operators
    Memphis Entertainment
    2008 - current
  • owners
    Memphis Entertainment
    2008 - current

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