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El Rancho Drive-In Theater - Facts & Highlights

General Information edit

El Rancho Drive-In Theater

El Rancho Drive-In Theater -- relocated (1971 - 1984)
Closed down
PA 50 -- formerly PA 28, later moved to Hickory Grade Rd.
Bridgeville, PA 15017
Express Code: patelra
Status: closed
Year Built:
Screens: 1
Car Capacity: 750
Opening Date: 10/12/1948
First Movie: Honeymoon
Site: torn down
Details: A segment of PA 50 was reconstructed and now runs through the original drive-in site with Gillece Home Services occupying one end. Watson Institude for special needs children on second site.
Sound: speakers
Converted to Digital:
Movie Features:
Offer: Flea market and auto auction
Location: Located on Route 50 formerly Route 28 or Washington Pike

Theater Timeline

1948    Grand opening of original drive-in on Route 28 in Bridgeville
1964    Last night of operation. Closed for construction of I-79
1971    Drive-In reopens on Hickory Grade Rd. in South Fayette Township
1984    Final night of operation


  • owners
    John Ridilla, Auto Theatres, Inc.
    unknown - unknown

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