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Malden Drive-In Theater - Facts & Highlights

General Information edit

Malden Drive-In Theater

Guppies Drive-In Theater (1947 - 2007)
Closed down
380 Old National Road
Brownsville, PA 15417
Express Code: patmald
Status: closed
Season: May - September
Year Built: 1947
Screens: 1
Car Capacity:
Opening Date:
First Movie:
Site: active
Sound: FM(88.9), speakers
Converted to Digital:
Movie Features:
Offering: Had a Three Stooges film festival every year on the 4th of July.
Notes: Picnic area
Location: Located off Old National Road Route 40 that starts in Baltimore and ends in Salt Lake City

Theater Timeline

1947    Opened
2006    Closed Temporarily
2007    Expected To Reopen In May
2011    closed


  • owners
    Mrs. Betty Wilson, A. Phelps, E. Wilson And R. , Open Weekends O
    unknown - unknown
    M. & W. Haywood, W. & D. Rager
    2012 - current
  • operators
    M. & W. Haywood, W. & D. Rager
    2012 - current

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