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Rainbow Gardens Drive-In Theater - Facts & Highlights

General Information edit

Rainbow Gardens Drive-In Theater

No known aliases.
Closed down
2001 Lincoln Way at PA 48
White Oak, PA 15131
Express Code: patrain
Status: closed
Year Built:
Screens: 1
Car Capacity: 250
Opening Date:
First Movie:
Site: torn down
Details: Originally torn down for a proposed PA 48 Expressway which did not materialize. Now occupied by Oak Park Mall shopping center
Converted to Digital:
Movie Features:
Offering: Rainbow Gardens was a combination amusement park, swimming pool, and drive-in theatre

Theater Timeline

1947    Drive-In opens next to Rainbow Gardens amusement park
1968    Final night of operation


  • operators
    Joseph N. Volpe
    2005 - current
  • owners
    Joseph N. Volpe
    2005 - current

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