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Name Region More Info
1 Piteaa Drive-In Theater Piteaa,
  • yytpite
  • year built: 2001
Operating movie theater
2 Showboat Drive-In Theater Hockley, Texas Operating movie theater
3 East Bend Twin Drive-In Russellville, Ohio Closed movie theater
4 Crossroads Drive-In Shiner, Texas Closed movie theater
5 Moonlight Outdoor Theater Shawano, Wisconsin Operating movie theater
6 Docks Drive-In Theatre Toronto, Ontario Closed movie theater
7 Highway 17 Theatre Dewy Rose, Georgia Closed movie theater
8 Route 30 Drive In Theater Thomasville, Pennsylvania Closed movie theater
9 Park 60 Drive-In Theater Jamestown, New York Closed movie theater
10 Stardust Drive-In Theater Watertown, Tennessee playground Operating movie theater
11 Ozoner 29 Drive-In Broadalbin, New York Operating movie theater
12 Galva Autovue Theatre Galva, Illinois Closed movie theater
13 Field of Scenes Drive-In Freedom, Wisconsin Operating movie theater
14 Stars & Stripes Drive-In Lubbock, Texas playground Operating movie theater
15 Silverdome Drive-In Pontiac, Michigan Closed movie theater
16 Wall Drive-In Theater Asbury Park, New Jersey Closed movie theater
17 Twilight Drive-In Aldergrove, British Columbia Operating movie theater
18 Galaxy Drive-In Theater Ennis, Texas Operating movie theater
19 Star-Lite Drive-In Anniston, Alabama Closed movie theater
20 Snow Drive-In Theater Kautokeino,
  • yytoslo
  • year built: 2004
Operating movie theater
21 Amusement Park Drive-In Billings, Montana Operating movie theater
22 Summer Drive-In at USA Hockey Arena Plymouth, Michigan Operating movie theater
23 Horseshoe Lake Drive-In St. Joseph, Missouri Closed movie theater
24 Montana Drive-In Theater Estill Springs, Tennessee Operating movie theater
25 Tula Drive-In Theater Tula, Operating movie theater
26 Texas Drive-In Theater Killeen, Texas in car speakersplayground Closed movie theater
27 Sunshine Mine Drive-In Centerville, Iowa Closed movie theater
28 Continental Drive-In Newton, Alabama Operating movie theater
29 Big Sky Drive-In Theater Midland, Texas playground Operating movie theater
30 Moonlite Drive-In Woodbury, Tennessee Operating movie theater
31 Mayberry Drive-In Moneta, Virginia Closed movie theater
32 Stardust Twin Drive-In Chetek, Wisconsin playground Operating movie theater
33 Sky-Vue Drive-In Theater Tyler, Texas Closed movie theater
34 Mauifest Drive-In Kahului, Hawaii
35 Grand View Drive-In Grandview, Iowa Closed movie theater