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1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 129 (107)

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition
1945 Theatre Catalog
1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 129
Page 129

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 129

A SCHEMATIC DRAWING of two cars in 0 Drive Over and Drop In Theatre, this shows how the drop-in channels cause the parked cars to be tilted at an With the proper space between the cars, a slight depression makes a tremendous difference

angle sufficient for all occupants to see easily over the car in front.

in the sight lines from any parked car. The slightness of the depression-hardly ever more than 3 inches-does not prevent driving the machine in any direction over the parking area, a point which the inventor considers of marked superiority over the present ramp type of construction in the usual outdoor auto cinema.

wood, metal, or any suitable material. If made of concrete, the troughs should be reinforced for expansion and contraction. They can be made in sections, if desired.


By whatever manufacture, the troughs should be made strong enough to withstand a five-ton roller, which may be needed in case of repair to the paving.

Should it become necessary to pave the entire field, the troughs can still be placed to accommodate the cars.

There are many other features claimed in the patent application, all of which tend to reduce the final cost and increase the efiiciency of an outdoor theatre of this type.

The cost of this type of installation is some less than for the ramp construction. because of the saving made by

THE DROPvIN CHANNEL is shown here in detail,

Serving the purpose of im.

permitting all or the greater portion of the natural contour of the parking area to be maintained. Where the soil is suitable in its natural state for a parking surface, only the channels need be provided, and these can be constructed at very low cost. With a surface which may be traversed in any direction by maintenance apparatus or repair vehicles, there is no substantial expense involved in seasonal surface conditioning, and a large area may be taken care of in a minimum time.

In addition, the safety features of car anchorage and continuous forward direction of travel are recognizer] as distinct advantages to the patrons.

Another advantage of using troughs is that they may be used on a site having a pitch, either towards or away from the screen, thereby saving considerable grading. Besides preventing accidental coast

2,, a very special feature is that the troughs provide a means quickly to carry off all surface water to drains, or side troughs, thus eliminating much and sometimes all of a very expensive drainage system required by the use of other parking methods.


Cost of Proiect

The expense of any project must include every item, and all such expenses should be anticipated very accurately even before the land is purchased, since no two projects of like size and character will be exactly the same.

No outdoor theatre should be started without the services of a competent architect, capable of furnishing all pertinent facts relating to proper location. Based upon the population within a radius of ten miles, this must be sulficient to supply the requirements of the

depth of the channel determines thespitch of the parked automobile, which is

proving drainage of the outdoor theatre's 'lauditorium," as well as providing a means for tilting the parked automobile, so that the car/s occupants may see

in turn dependent upon the natural contour of the area. The channels make it possible to reduce grading to a minimum, being able to be adiusted to the

easily over the car parked fabricated out of the best material at hand


in front, the channels are easily installed, being is here

indicated). The Ferguson.









natural contours better than other types of construction, Construction and use of these channels

according to W. S. are protected by patents,

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 129