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1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 140 (118)

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition
1945 Theatre Catalog
1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 140
Page 140

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 140

The All-Steel Pre-Fabricated Theatre

Methods of Mass Production Are Applied To Create New Type of Theatre Structure

New developments in motion-picturetheatre construction are promised with the advent of pre-fabricated theatres developed by the National Theatres Amusement Company, headed by Charles P. Skouras. Upon instructions from Skouras and under the direction of R. H. McCullough, the organizations architectural and engineering departments made a study of the theatre construction with a view to speed of erection and a higher degree of safety.

The idea of designing a building which can be duplicated many times, such as pre-fabricated theatre, is not new. Small factories, commercial buildings, and stores have been built again and again from one set of architectural plans. The aim has always been to produce in quantity.

The knowledge, gained through many years of experience and study, has been concentrated to this end, which has resulted in this new development. The pre-fabricated theatre, with light steel construction, is said to be theatre of tomorrow.


Pre-fabricated theatres are of all steel construction from the foundation and fioor, and are demountable, with many achievements in theatre building practices. The materials selected for this all

THE LOGO-SEAT PREFABRICATED THEATRE. This bird's-eye View of the floor layout, with the root removed, shows the details at the various public and private rooms of the middlesized all-steel theatre.

steel, pie-fabricated construction give the assurance of beauty of design, as well as strength.

THE Limo-SEAT PRE-FABRICATED THEATRE. Seemingly patterned more other its BOO-seat sister than in anticipal tian of the I,200-seat theatres, this model of the Academy Theatre is designed to show what can be done for the middle-size communities now without any theatre or with only inadequate service. With the sweeping curves of the inside partitions and, on the outside, the fluted walls, the striking tower, and the decorated sidwalk,

this theatre is indeed kin to the others.

All text and pictorial material is from the Skouras organization.



The theatres are designed to be waterproof, fire-proof, earthquake-proof, and vermin-proof, as well as being for all purposes impervious to climatic and weather conditions.

These theatres will have seating capacities from 600 to 3,000. The length and width of these pre-fabricated buildings will depend upon the seating capacity of the model selected.

These theatres come in two types, the stadium and the one-floor type. The stadium-type theatre permits no waste of space and utilizes a smaller ground area than other types of theatres, but, nevertheless, has a seating capacity equal to a theatre of conventional construction occupying more ground area.

This building, purchased as a ttpackage,H can be shipped to any destination by rail or truck, or by boat if convenient. After the reinforced concrete foundations have been laid and upon arrival of the steel and other assembly parts, this building can be erected in about three weeks time, as all-steel sections are prefabricated at the mill, cut and ready for installation.


This building is erected upon such concrete foundations as are made in accordance with the requirements for the particular area or locality. Since this type of building weighs less than the conventional masonry structure, a lighter foundation may be used.

The structural frame is of structural steel and is self-supporting. All exposed structural steel is iire-proofed with precast gypsum.

All exterior wall structures are of tiuted-metal design. The side-wall construction includes units of poured, reinforced gypsum between sheets of metal, with different thicknesses to comply with fire regulations in different territories. This unit is constructed in varying lengths, with interlocking sections, and is held in place with bolts and nuts, securely fastened to the foundations and also to the structural members.

The roof is constructed of Galbestos and is pre-fabricated and cut at the mill and shipped to the job, where it can be quickly installed.

All of the theatre structures which have thus far been designed include decorative towers for the name of the theatre and also for neon animation. The extreme height of these towers is for the purpose of erecting a television antenna in the future.


All interior partitions throughout the theatre have a two-hour fire rating. They are made from poured gypsum be CATALOG
1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 140