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1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 141 (119)

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition
1945 Theatre Catalog
1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 141
Page 141

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 141

tween one metal and another outside covering of decorative metal, either of stainless steel, aluminum, or other metallic treatment.

The metal surfaces of the interior, as well as the exterior, are baked enamel, which eliminates corrosion.

A11 partitions are bolted to the floor and special metal bases used. Where the partition connects to the ceiling, a special molding is provided for added appearance. The interior metal partitions are of a curved design, to provide ease of public passage.

There will be no plaster in any part of this theatre.

All partitions and ceilings are soundproof.

All ceiling areas below 25 feet include a two-hour fire rating.

Terrazzo and tile doors can be applied where desired.

All wiring and plumbing will be prefabricated, as much as possible, in the structure at the mill.


Marquee and Signs

The marquee lighting will consist of a continuous row, underneath the interchangeable letter casing, of recessed spots. The main marquee ceiling will also be lighted by recessed spots and decorative, recessed neon, and there will also be fluorescent lighting both top and bottom, and sides.

Neon and other special lighting effects will be applied to the towers.

The marquee is part of the main structure and will accommodate four rows of 10-inch, interchangeable letters. It has a 57-inch visible opening for interchangeable letters and this visible opening can be increased to any height desired. Animated neon borders will be installed around the interchangeable letter casing so as to attract attention.

THE BOO-SEAT PRE-FABRICATED THEATRE. This model of the Chapultepec Theatre represents the basic idea for a theatre to seat 800. Dominated by a tower, which is designed ultimately to house television-receiving equipment, this is thought to be one of several sizes of theatres to be built, on a production line enrnasse,



THE SOO-SEAT PREsFABRlCATED THEATRE. With the Upper portions of the model theatre removed, a good View of the left wall may be obtained, revealing the type of decorations which may be available for this size theatre. The decorations are snapped in place, and can be changed, if desired, according to the season or the whim of the operator. This and all other pictures of the allssteel prefabricated theatres are used through the courtesy of the National Theatres Amusement Company, Inc.

Display Frames

The display frames are of special design and will accept standard size postters of 40x60 inches.

Lobby Doors

The lobby doors will be of Tuf-fiex glass and instead of including panic bolts

will be operated by a special foot tread,

Removable storm doors have been provided across the lobby, so that, during the summer months, when they are not needed, they can be easily removed.

Box Office

The box office for this new type of theatre will have the following facilities: Space for a five-unit ticket machine.

Space for a box ofiice safe. A suitable sized cash drawer.

Deal plate and side shelving.

Suitable space for a coin changer, coin changer to be right-hand operated.

Built-in electric heater.

Exhaust fan on top of box ofiice.

Vent grille at bottom of box-office door.

Glass in box-office door will be removable, with a good frame, and permanent grille to be installed so that when the box ofiice door glass is removed ample protection will be provided.

Built-in seat which can be folded against the side of the box oilice.

Outside phone and house phone to be placed so the cashier can easily answer phones.

Ceiling lighting to be recessed so lamps will not be exposed, using all tiuorescent lighting.

Two rear-view mirrors will be installed inside of box odice so cashier can see at

by the Henry J. Kaiser Company. The cut-away section at the left gives an idea of the location of the rest rooms and other details of the floor plan. The over-size part of the praiection room can be used for spot and flood lights or for television proiection equipment when such shall be perfected for theatre use.

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 141