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1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 142 (120)

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition
1945 Theatre Catalog
1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 142
Page 142

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 142

THE l,200>SEAT (ONE-FLOOR) PRE-FABRICATED THEATRE. A general view of the second most pretentious theatre of the all-steel group of pre-fabricated theatres described in the accompanying article. Note in all the models how the artist has developed a special sidewalk decoration for the theatre, with the box oHice the center of the design. Eight outside display boards are provided the theatre, six presumably for ordinary material and two for special back-lighted displays. The tower again otters ample room for any name which may be desired, and it is, as with the others, designed ultimately to house the television-receiving antenna.

the rear of each side of box oiiice.

An illuminated price sign will be installed so the prices can be interchanged from the inside of the box office.

A schedule card is also provided.

A permanent electric clock to be installed so the patrons will have full view of this clock at all times.

Sandblasted designs will be applied at the top and bottom of the box office glass.

Recessed hinges will be used on the box ofiice door.

THE 1,200ASEAT (ONE-FLOOR) PRE-FABRICATED THEATRE. Here in cut-away (left) is seen the lay-out of the Skouras-Kaiser one-floor deluxer. other models, that the stage is of the classic amphitheatre type, without footlights. The section of the second-floor level (upper right) shows the position of

The entire box office will be constructed of non-combustible material.

A speech hole is provided with a unit so no draft will get to the cashier.

A portable cover for the opening of the box office, above the ticket machine and coin changer, will be provided.

No curved glass is used in any part of this box ofiice.

A foot switch will be installed so the cashier can signal the doorman at any time.

Note here, as in the


Projection Room

The projection room includes space for projection, spot-lamp, and effect-machine equipment. It will also accommodate future television equipment.

It is hoped in the very near future that projectors will be of the composite type, with the sound-equipment amplifiers built in the projector base.


All surfaces of the auditorium are acoustically treated with the exception of the Wainscott, which is metal. The acoustical treatment acts as an insulator and is of Fiberglas, with a metal grille holding this material in place.

All draperies throughout this theatre will be of fire-proof material. '

All interior decorations for the auditorium ceiling. side walls and other

- spaces in the theatre are applied at a

studio, on a material similar to hard pressed masonite, in varying designs. They are applied over 'the Fiberglas acoustical treatment in relief, with a snap-on attachment, so that the theatre can be decorated in a short time. When it is desired to change the decorations, they can be ordered to the owners selection. Seasonal decorations can be obtained.

All lighting fixtures throughout the building are recessed with unbreakable plastic to eliminate any possibility of hazard. There will be no suspended lighting fixtures in any part of this new type theatre.

Neon for interior lighting will be used to a great extent, with special dimming equipment.

All aisle spaces are barricaded from exterior light by specially designed partitions. These light barriers prevent light from entering the auditorium, which is a great annoyance to patrons in some of the earlier-type theatres.

the proiection room, with space for other equipment and services at either side. A glimpse of auditorium Wall-decoration detail is shown (lower right). This will probably be one of many types of decorations which may be purchased as desired and installed at will. Chairs of special design will be installed in the auditorium.


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1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 142