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1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 143 (121)

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition
1945 Theatre Catalog
1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 143
Page 143

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 143


Seats for this new type theatre will be of special design. Seats will be spaced 36 inches back to back, with a minimum Width of each seat of 20 inches. The seats will be of fire-proof construction. Materials will be used which will tend to eliminate rodents and pests.


The carpet will be cut and sewed to size at the mill, and shipped to the theatre, eliminating the ordinary sewing and cutting of carpet in some local workshop. The carpet will not be tacked to the iioor, but will be fastened by a special cleat arrangement.

Miscellaneous Rooms

The lounge rooms, toilet space, and utility rooms, including dressing rooms, have been laid out according to standards from past theatre-operating experience.

A storage room has been provided for candy and popcorn for each theatre, with a special air-conditioning unit.

Heating and Ventilation

This equipment for heating, ventilating and conditioning, instead of being in a centralized plant, will be divided into composite units, so they can be readily installed and removed at will. With composite units, when it is not necessary to operate all units, the desired units can be operated individually.

Fresh air ventilation is provided by equipment to meet temperature conditions. In all respects, the ventilation has been planned to afford even distribution of air without extraneous drafts.

Special heating and ventilating systems have been planned for the foyer, lounge,

THE,l,200-SEAT (STADIUM-TYPE) PRE-FABRICATED THEATRE. The floor plan is clearly set forth (left and center) when the stadium portion of the theatre is removed. In some details less complicated than the smaller theatres, this one should be operated more eHiciently. The broad entrance ramps to the auditorium,



THE l,200-SEAT (STADIUM-TYPE) PRE-FABRICATED THEATRE. Most pretentious of the Skouras-Koiser theatres, in model no less than in the basic ideas, is this theatre here yclept Fine Arts, conceived along nee-classic lines. It is to be about 162 feet long by Bl feet wide. The multiple-purpose tower, the ample space for display, and the specially designed sidewalk combine to make this the finest of the tour theatres here presented.

toilet rooms, utility rooms, and projectlon rooms.

The equipment for the heating system is portable.

Air conditioning equipment will be installed where necessary.

Centralized vacuum systems will be

installed with intake ducts in appropriate locations.


From a standpoint of public convenience and safety this new type of theatre building has been planned to afford the maximum of convenience in seating ar rangement, aisle space, unobstructed vision and comfort, as well as adequate exit facilities.

At this time it is impossible to enumerate all the features and facilities "which will be part of this theatre building.

New materials, new ideas, and new innovations in architecture and engineering will be utilized to the fullest extent, so the day this new type of theatre opens it will be up-to-the-minute in every respect.

The majority of the features in this new type of building are patented and copyrights cover the plans and designs.

and the adequacy of the rear emergency exits, should make for easy handling of the crowds under any circumstances. The stadium section (right), with its aisles a direct continuation of those in the auditorium proper, make for easy handling of patrons. Ample space is provided for the proiection apparatus.

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 143