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1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 149 (127)

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition
1945 Theatre Catalog
1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 149
Page 149

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 149

WITH GREATER ARCHITECTURAL PRECISION, Morris Sanders has developed his ideas on a plastic-plywood theatre for showing i6-mm. motion pictures to a llblue-print" stage, where the structure takes on greater reality. While still an idea, shown on this page are what might be developed. Upper left is a rendering of the basic idea shown on other pages in sketch form. Upper right is the front elevation of this theatre. At the left. is the ground plan of the theatre, with the lower-level plan immediately below. And at the bottom of the page is the

longitudinal section. Entering the. theatre at the left, the patron mounts several

steps to come to the auditorium cross-over at the upper end of the inclined floor.

The exit meant to be used as such is at the right. A separate stairway leads to the proiection booth, on the near second-story level. Below the proiection booth, and the three Flanking rows of seats, arranged in a quasi-stadium eftect, is the heater room, storage space, and the box office. Inasmuch as this is still an idea, some of the details of the original study have been omitted from these drawings, but enough has been kept to indicate that here is the start of a trend. Should a demand arise for this type of theatre, it could be developed in a strictly permanent basis and fully equipped with all modern accoutrements for that kind of patron comfort which is sought in the modern theatre in any community.

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 149