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1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 19 (xix)

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition
1945 Theatre Catalog
1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 19
Page 19

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 19

lllllllllllL FOREWORD

If there has been any doubt in the minds of any American as to the contribution of the motion picture industry to the final victory in world War II. they have been dispelled on December 4. 1945. when the government presented to the War Activities Committee a bronze plaque in recognition and appreciation of the services given by the industry during the war years. At the ceremonies in Washington. government leaders joined with military spokesmen in praising the assistance and wholehearted effort of all branches of the busine

It would be difficult. of course. to divide this lilo-pound plaque. reading HW'ell Done. Motion Picture Industry? among the thousands in the industry who had a share in the tremendous effort, but to each one of them and also to the equipment manufacture supply dealers. and associated craftsmeni Clue credit must be given. For the plea of conservation and watchfulness eventually led to a record which has never been equalled in this business or any other. Thanks to the unselfish and sincere ass stance of everyone. no theatre went out of business#and mighty few had to close for any length of time at all#because of mechanical breakdown.

But now that era is passed. and a new one is upon us. one which. at the start. may be as difficult as. or even more troublesome than. the World War II proved. We say this. well knowing that there is a huge backlog of orders for equipment, buildinn. rebuildiiw. renovation. and so forth. which have come front the majority of the theatres of the nation. True. there will be plenty of work for everyone. but there now exists a transition period in which the same levclheadcdness that prevailed during the war you ' must also be dominant. (liven the chance. the equipment imtnufaclnrcrs and supply dealers will handle this onrnsh of new business with the same sanity they demonstrab ed when the strain on them w s the greatest.

We are about to witness a boom era for many divtsions of the business. New thcatrcs will be built and many more existing ones will be eventually rebuilt. and in practically all the others therc. will be some tillysi'al change. It bchoov*s everyone of us to coopcralc fully with the men who have to do the job. Thcy. more than anyone else. know the problems of the conversion period. the. labor unrest. the rising: prices, the valuc and worth of new malcrials. and the other developments that. unless handled care. fully. would head to chaos.


And this is why the THEATRE CATALOG makes its reappearance after a cessation of four years. For this Fourth Edition of what has come to be the bible of the physical theatrei>for the theatre owner. the architect. building contractor. equipment manufacturer. supply dealer, and other allied firms-as a ready guide to the answer of many post-war problems.

However, the undertaking of this edition has not been attempted without some hesitancy and not a little misgivng as to where and when it would see the light of day. With government restrictions on paper the first great hurdle that was overcome, only to find that paper. in an unrestrained market, still remained a critical problem. Then. too, there was considerable hesitancy on the part of the potential sources of editorial cooperation and advertising support to commit themselves. notwithstanding wartime advances in design. construction, and operation of equipment and the trickling adunl[rations of things to come as a result. in peacetime. of these developments.

But the work of preparing the 1945 Edition went on. and, as a result. there is here presented what we honestly believe to be the finest collection of articles ever to appear in an edition of the THEATRE CATALOG. Herein the past. the wartime past. is reviewed by some of the top-ranking men of the various fields in the motion-picture industry, and the story is told of advances in innumerable fields. in each of which a distinguished authority (however. not always mentioned by name. for rcasons best known to the authority or author involved) has been chosen for his position in the. particular field.

Nor have the aspects of the present been overlookedwithose subjects which. like Tennysonis brook. go on and on. more or less unchanng from year to year. And, of course. a modicum of article have been included on the maintenance of various parts of the physical theatre.

Because such a task would be impossible for a single group to bring to fruition. the THEATRE 1) not; freely admits its indebtedncss to American science and indu ry for being ablc here to pr enl this material. To the author was individuals and as representatives of their various compani no less also to the societies and organizations which prefcrred that no individual receive specific credit for the material suhntittednrthe THEA'l'ltli CATALOG offers special thanks.

But we would be, indeed. most ungrateful if we did not mention hcrc. a few of those

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 19