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1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 193 (171)

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition
1945 Theatre Catalog
1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 193
Page 193

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 193

A SINGLE SCULPTURED PLAQUE adorns the Tracadero Theatre/s side walls. Shown here in close-up is the one on the left (above) and the one on the right (below). Both are the work of Giammarchi, Berandi,

and Lopes, who also did the other decoration.

THE TROCADERO THEATRE carries its rich simplicity even into the rear portion

of the auditorium. The marble stairs and walls were executed by Laviere Vitasa and Sons, with the acoustical treatments by L. Rios and L Garcia Pardo, and

the parquets by 'Diaz Brothers and Perez.



Barosi Brothers furnished the chairs

THE AUDITORIUM OF THE TROCADERO THEATRE is indeed noteworthy becatJSe of its utter unpretentiousness. While it is not indicated, it can be presumed that Architect Rafael Ruano has utilized to the utmost lights in his decoration scheme, The plaques add the ultimate touch in superb simplicity. The proscenium is, indeed notable for what was not done, such as the lack of capitals on the columns. Air conditioning is by Westinghouse.

In the auditorium as seen here, the modern touch of theatricalism comes in the ceiling lighting which is from tubular sources in linear arrangement. Another

unusual feature is a seating plan which provides for Haring aisle heads, to

facilitate, even at the loss of some seats, use of the vomitory areas.

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 193