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1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 20 (xx)

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition
1945 Theatre Catalog
1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 20
Page 20

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 20

who, by furnishing material and by acting as consultants, have in no small measure made the unsigned material an authoritative presentation of the subject matter involved. Accordingly, we pause at this point to extend our thanks and appreciation to the following persons and companies for their cooperation.

In Section liTo Hanns R. Teichert, Max C. Hanisch, Jr., and Unit Structures, Inc.; W. S. Ferguson, and the Lincoln Extension Institute, Inc.; William H. Page, the Bureau of Industrial Service, Inc., and the OwensCorning Fiberglas Corporation; R. H. McCullough and the National Theatres Amusement Company, Inc.; Morris Sanders; Monte Skeggs and the Universal Corporation; 0. H. Niendorff and the American Brass Company; R. H. Allewelt, Ralph Baker, E. E. Bang and the Republic Steel Corporation; John Ireland and the Tin Research Institute; Herbert K. Lewis and the Stran-Steel Division of the Great Lakes Steel Corporation; A. R. Trinkle, John W. Sands and the International Nickel Company, Inc.; Stuart J. SWensson and the American Hot Dip Galvanizers Association; H. G. Winecoff, Peter White, H. C. MacDaniel, and the ' Westinghouse Electric Corporation; Radio Corporation of America; Dr. Colin G. Fink and Columbia University; Colin C. Campbell and the Rohm and Haas Company; W. D. M. Allan, A. J. Boase and the Portland Cement Association; Rafael Ruano; W. H. Graeff and the Resinous Products and Chemical Company; Plaskon Division of Libbey-Owens-Ford Glass Company; Stephen J. Wilson and the Bakelite Corporation; Dennis C. Guthrie and the Eastman Kodak Company (for the Tennessee Eastman Corporation) ; the Formica Insulation Company; Michael J. Brown, Jr., and the Plastics Division of the Monsanto Chemical Company; R. L. Bailey and the E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, Inc.

In Section 2#To Ben Adler and the Adler Silhouette Letter Company; Dave E. Smalley and the Continental CarsNa-Var Corporation; John D. Riddick and the Johns-Manville Corporation; A. D. Pickett and the United States Quarry Tile Company; Leon L. Klaus and the Armstrong Cork Company; William Riseman Associates; L. Barnett, Mary M. Moyle and the Dow Chemical Company; Leon A. Chastel and the Thortel Fireproof Fabrics; Alexander Smith and Sons Carpet Company; Bigelow-Sanford Carpet Company; Lees-Cochrane Company,

Inc.; A. and M. Karagheusian, Inc.; Mohawk Carpet Mills. Inc.; L. W. Hutchins and the Safety Research Institute, Inc.; Frank R. Fortune and the-Nik-O-Lok Company; E. O. Kollmorgen and the Kollmorgen Optical Corporation; M. Johnson and the H and H Optics; Dr. Milton Harris, Gypsy B. Frankenherg, and the Milton Harris Associates; R. F. LiHote, B. F. Stall, Richard Barnhart, and the American Radiator and Standard Sanitary Corporation; Warner S. Victor and the Projection Optics Company, Inc.; Albert H. Blum and the Bausch and Lomb Optical Company; Harry H. Strong and the Strong Electric Corporation; Dr. Dean A. Lyon; L. P. Moyer, C. Dudley Foster, Dr. Katherine B. Blodgett, and the General Electric Company; H. B. Anderson, the Ketchum, MacLeod, and Grove, Inc., and the A. M. Byers Company.

In Section 3#To H. M. Bessey and the Altec Service Corporation; Adolph Goodman and the RCA Service Company, Inc.; the Bell and Howell Company; William H. Fries and the William J. Burns International Detective Agency; Ralph Dudley and Pinkertonis National Detective Agency, Inc., Fire Marshal Alexander M. Smith, Police Superintendent Howard P. Sutton, and the Bureau of Public Safety of the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; the entire engineering and commercial staff of the Radio Corporation of America; Park-In Theatres, Inc.; Fred C. Matthews and Motiograph; Gilbert J. Haeussler and the Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine of the United States Department of Agriculture; Cornell University; University of Minnesota; W. Graham Cole and the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company; D. P. Caverly and the Sylvania Electric Products, Inc.; the Hanovia. Chemical and Manufacturing Company; Sperti, Inc.; Irving Zussman and the National Popcorn Company; Jim Blevins and Blevins Popcorn Company; Viking Popcorn Machines, Inc.; Star Manuv facturing Company, Inc.; Dunbar and Company; Gerald T. Lynn and the Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturers Association.

In Section 4#To Bob Davis and the National Broadcasting Company, Inc.; University of Notre Dame; Janet Coosens and the Philharmonic-Symphony Society of New York; Radio City Music Hall; George T. Shupert and the Television Productions, Inc.; Baird Television; Scophony, Ltd.; British Broadcasting Corporation, and Dr. Arthur Levey and Scophony Corporation of


America; James M. Brennan RKO Service Corporation; Larry Woodin, Arcadia The.atre Company; Harry Brandt, Brandt Theatres; C. A. Schultz, Commonwealth Theatres. Inc.; Frank L. Newman, Evergreen Theatres Corporation; F. J. Fitzgibbons, Famous Players Canadian Corporation, Ltd.; Guy A. Kenimer, Florida State Theatres, Inc.; E. C. Rhoden, Fox Midwest Amuse-, ment Corporation; C. B. Akers, Griffith Theatres; John H. Harris, Harris Amusement Companies; E. M. Loew. E. M. Loewis Theatres; E. V. Richards, Jr., ParamountRichards Theatres, Inc.; J. Myer Schine, i Schine Circuit, Inc.; Truman T. Rembusch, Syndicate Theatres. Inc.; N. A. Taylor, Twinex Century Theatres Corporation, Ltd.; R. B. Wilby-Kincey Service Corporation. '

And, for inestimably valuable services rendered in the course of the preparation of the entire volume#To Leonard W. Bidwell and the RCA Victor Division of the Radio Corporation of America; Walter E. Green, A. J. Lindsley and the National Theatre Supply Division of National-Simplex-Bludworth, Inc.; Roger Whitney, and Patricia M. Whitney.

The preparation of this volume has not been easy, but through the cooperation of those already mentioned, and 0f the scores of' other scientists and engineers consulted in the course of the work, the task has been appreciably lightened, and it is with what we hope may be pardonable pride that this 1945 Edition of the THEATRE CATALOG is presented to the theatre industry of the world.

In the years to come the physical theatre will become more and more important in the amusement world. for, while people will yet come to see the screen attractions, it will be the remembered feeling of complete satisfaction that will keep them returning---or the equally well remembered feeling of complete dissatisfaction that will preclude repeat performances.

Accordingly, in this volume an effort has been made not only to chronicle the latest thoughts and ideas in maintaining present properties in their best condition, but also to set forth that which, in the not far distant future, should result in even better theatres.

As this volume has been the product of cooperation and mutual understanding, so

. in that spirit is it presented, with the realiza tion that, when all the facts are known, no problem is unsurmountable.


1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 20