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1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 210 (186)

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition
1945 Theatre Catalog
1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 210
Page 210

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 210

with a good neutral soap will usually serve the purpose.

Seals and paints are often used on concrete with success, but only those should be used which derive from phenolic or rubber resins. The natural alkali in concrete causes ordinary floor paint to disintegrate.

Before painting any concrete door, it is advisable to first etch it with 10 to 20 per cent solution of muriatic acid. Apply this solution with an old m0p and when it ceases to effervesce, rinse with clear water and let it dry. The etching process gives the paint an opportunity to penee trate sufficiently to give it the needed anchorage. Otherwise, it will peel off.

In preparing the etching solution always pour the acid into the waterenever the reverse, and avoid getting it on the hands or clothing.


Marble floors should be maintained very much the same as terrazzo. Never mop or scrub them with alkaline solutions and of course acids are their natural enemy. Clean them with a neutral soap when necessary, and there is no better

protective medium than good floor wax of the water emulsion type. Here, again, if you fear slipperiness dilute wax 50 per cent and polish by buffing. Since marble is even more susceptible to stains than terrazzo, a protective coating is relatively more desirable.


Quarry and vitreous tiles, particularly the latter, are less sensitive to chemicals and therefore do not call for so much caution in the matter of maintenance. The most vulnerable part of these tile floors is the grouting between the tiles. Sometimes it has a tendency to disinte

IN LOUNGE ROOMS, ASPHALT TILE is of especial service, as is shown in this Johns-Manville Corporation photograph, where the floor covering is of that company's products. In maintaining floors of this type it is important that the use of too much water be avoided in the mapping and scrubbing processes. Excess V'vater seeping between and under the tiles, may cause them to loosen, thus increasing the theatre's repair budget:

grate or itdust," and this, too, could be the fault of the installation or it could come from chemical reaction induced by a cleaner.

There seems to be no real remedy for bad grouting, but some relief may be obtained by mopping only with neutral soap.

Stains can sometimes be removed from the vitreous tile with a mild acid solution, particularly around urinals. Some THE LOUNGE of the Post Theatre, Fort Sam Houston, Texas, has a floor and dado finished with quarry tile of the United States Quarry Tile Company. The general plan employs 6x6 Rainbow quarry tiles, with 234x23/4 decorated inserts. Quarry, as well as vitreous, tile is easily maintained, because, being somewhat less sensitive to chemicals, not as much caution needs to be exercised in the selection of the best proper cleaning materials.



times a scouring powder is useful. If an acid solution is used on quarry tile, however, it should not be allowed to stand too long, and should be followed With a soda solution to neutralize any remaining acid.

As in the case of terrazzo and marble, wax is again recommended as the best maintenance material for quarry tile. It is not, however, quite so well adapted for the vitreous type. Here, as indicated above, neutral soap is probably the best material for general maintenance.


We have covered the principal hard surface floors in the foregoing and now come to asphalt, which is neither hard nor soft but which probably comes nearer being the former than the latter. It is being used rather widely in all types of public buildings, including many of the smaller theatres.

Though less attractive, perhaps, than some other types, because the nature of it precludes the use of distinctive colors, it makes a very durable, sanitary door and because it is resilient it is a comfortable floor for walking or standing. And because it is usually dark or neutral in tone, it does not show soil easily.

Asphalt tile does, however, present some special maintenance problems. Oils, gasoline and grease will dissolve it. Never attempt to use the solvent type waxes, varnishes or sweeping compounds on asphalt tile. Even some soaps loosen the colors in this tile and cause them to run. Therefore, test a new cleaner, preferably with a white rag, before using it on your asphalt tile. If the color comes off on the rag, avoid the use of that cleaner on your door. Also avoid the use of too much water in mopping or scrubbing. It seeps down between and under the tiles, causing them to loosen.

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 210