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1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 213 (189)

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition
1945 Theatre Catalog
1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 213
Page 213

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 213


Forlnterchangeable Use of All Sizes-8" to 24" OUTSTANDING "REMOVA-PANEL" FEATURE on Locked-in-Line Multi-Decker Frames over 5 years of [Denied Success

Take advantage of modern. brilliant outstanding Adler marquee pro gram display that successfully tells and sells the world its theatre FOR FLUORESCENT TUBING OR ORDINARY lAMPS

entertainment. Fits right into the spirit of today's post-war architec tural designs for new theatres-provides striking modernization etfects SAVES ITS COST FAST IN SIGN MAINTENANCE

on existing marquees. In use all over this country and abroad.

How "Remover-Panel"

Saves Time and labor

Simply swing out or remove entirely the small lightweight "REMOVAPANEL". approximately 7" x 27". instead of lifting out a large. heavy glass-intrame unit. For Fluorescent Tubing. you can reach in and put a iumper across it a tube bums out and thus keep the sign operating. "REMOVA-PANEL" units alternate with Regular Type units in the opening, as furnished. Every panel between all horizontal bars

in standard ':REMOVA- Fluorescent Tubing being litted Ordinary lamps easily accessPthEL units. IS a remov- out through HREMOVA-PANEL." ible through"REMOVA-PANEL/' a e pane .

Above, Loew's Canal Theatre, New York, with continuous opening embodying curved corners and using Adler "Third Dimension" Letters on "Remova-Panel" Glass-in-Frame Units.

PARAMOUNT (See caption at right bottom.)

A Fox Theatre installation of 10" and 16" Adler Letters

I used interchangeably on JONKALLNKARDKWILOV$ roux. Adler Frame and Glass

Warner Brothers' Earle Theatre, I ' mmmymmaT'SWWmW * EqulpmemWashington, D. C.*Silhouette '

Changeable Letter space 32 feet long by 9 feet high (71/; lines) mounted across the face of the building. The "REMOVA-PANEL" feature was the onl thing that made this large disp ay possible. In successful use since Jam. 1941.

Centre picture, Circle Theatre, Brighton, Mass. A Paramount curved marquee with 10" and 15" Adler "Third Dimension" Letters used interchangeably, on Lashed-{u-Linz Glass-inFrame Units.

Paramount-Balaban G Katz, Will Rogers Theatre, Chicago, a brilliant improvement made by Adler "Third Dimension" Letters over solid-back type of letter

previously used in this marquee. h

UNITED STATES PATENTS Canadian Putenn lISTED BY UNDERWRITERS' lABORATORIES, INC. No. 1,830,414 No. 2,156,257 A n l E R s I l H o u E m 1m E R c o No. 2,038,978 No. 2,313,723 N0. 4'lr59' 0 No. 2,113,285 No. 2,313,724 England Pan," 2909 S. INDIANA AVENUE. CHICAGO 16 New York Office: 1451 Broadway No. 2,144,954 No. 2,319,910 No. 2,155,904 No. 442,512 CHICAGO-NEW YORK-TORONTO, CANADA-I.ONDON. ENGLAND

And other Patents Pending (Copyright 1946, Adler Silhouette Letter Co.) (Printed in U.S.A.)


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1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 213