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1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 240 (216)

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition
1945 Theatre Catalog
1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 240
Page 240

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 240

Use of Black light Modernizes Theatres

Judicious Use of Invisible "Light" Rays Makes Any House Shine with a New Lustre

"What can I do to make my theatre more glamorous'Pi Wise exhibitors are askingthemselves this question over and over again. One good answer is, iste outstanding decoration." The exciting tempo of modern living is refiected in a recent trend toward more color and better color. Naturally, places frequented by the most people-such as night clubs, hotels, and theatreseare first to respond to this popular demand for more vivid colors.

VHow will my theatre competeim Theatre owners are especially interested in keeping up with current trends, because their patrons expect to see richlooking, truly luxurious interiors. Yet, in the average theatre, limitations of patronage coupled with low admission prices make frequent decoration impractical.


Black light creates new and lasting dramatic effects of breath-taking beauty, which are Within the reach of any exhibitor. The transformation that occurs as the houselights fade is beyond description. Mural designs which seem like regular pictures or patterns when viewed in ordinary light, contain special paints that emit soft, glowing colors when submitted to the invisible rays of black. light. All the colors of the rainbow radiate

ON CEILINGS,>TOO, fluorescence can play a part in the decorative scheme, as shown in this pair of photographs, taken before (left) and after (right) a ceiling design had been re-worked with pigments which fluore'sce under the influence of the ultraviolet rays of black light. it is obvious that sort of treatment could be And, in coniunction with a decorative scheme which considers walls and ceiling as a complete entity, many fascinating effects could be achieved. Indeed, the all-over plan of things could be

effective in domed foyers or high-ceilinged lobbies.

By J. CORNELL RICHARDSON Presidenl, Black Light Products

with an unearthly beauty delighting and mystifying theatre audiences.

No longer does the interior of the auditorium look like a hole in the wall. No longer do patrons stumble and fumble trying to find seats. No longer do they disturb others unnecessarily. But best of all, correctly installed black light tendsto relieve the eye strain sometimes associated with the glare of the screen by distributing the light more evenly. Yet it imparts suCh a delicate luminescence that it does not detract from the projection of the movie. Moreover, when the novelty has worn off, it still imparts the atmosphere of luxury and magnificence, so necessary to a successful modern theatre.

"Will these designs make my theatre look smaller?" On the contrary, to create the effect of depth on a fiat wall, paint the surface of the wall with blue fiuorescent paint, then apply a design or figure over it in the foreground, and highlight that design with amber or gold fluorescent paint. This treatment will make the flat wall look like a niche with a piece of three dimensional statuary in it. A theatre so decorated will actually look larger.

Rich fiuorescent satins 'come in colors


to match the paints. Combined with side wall or ceiling murals, they produce harmonious, unusual and individual effects. Luminous patterns can be painted on this fabric, or on any ordinary cloth, with special fabric solution or the same paint used on murals. It is possible to decorate velours and heavier materials, too.

Seasonal decorations may be secured for Christmas, New Years, Easter, or any other special day. For instance, glowing American flags are now available. They provide a truly unique treatment for Fourth of July and other patriotic holidays which always brings a gasp of admiration from spectators. The theatre displays one of these American fiags on each side of the proscenium arch. Then the auditorium darkens, the ffStare Spangled Banneri, starts playing and the fiags shine impressively. An individual electric fan focused to make the fiags ripple will heighten the effect. The decorative uses of black light are limitless.

Use of luminous carpet makes it especially easy for patrons to find their ways up and down theatre aisles. It marks the aisle clearly, yet much more evenly than the present method of installing white lights on the sides of seats. The designs of the carpet are woven from fluorescent yarns, so that the effect lasts as long as the carpet. Painting regular carpets is impractical as the fluorescent paint wears off too quickly when walked upon.

made to include all parts of the theatre, including the carpets and other floor coverings. The startling effects are obtained through the use of pigments and colors which, under the influence of ultraviolet faling withing certain Wavelength limits - the somalled black light, since it is invisible to the unaided eye - glow in a seemingly miraculous manner and appear to be self-luminous. The three sets of comparison photographs are from the files of Black Light Fraducts and have been reproduced here through the courtesy of that same company.

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 240