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1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 333 (309)

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition
1945 Theatre Catalog
1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 333
Page 333

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 333

hence all parts of the film tension system are always cooled.

Shutter synchonizing device is easily and quickly adjustable to perfect synchronization of shutter and intermittent movement.

The intermittent movement has a unified drive with ball-bearing end thrust, web-backed star wheel, sprocket and cam hardened and precision ground, as well as removable oil-absorbent bushing and grease-lubricated movement, thus preventing oil leakage.

The star wheel is hardened and then ground to permit 1/10,000-inch tolerances providing for longer wear.

Rims and radii of sprocket teeth are hardened after being hobbed to minute tolerance by specially designed machines. A final sand blasting process eliminates any microscopic sharp edges on sprocket teeth.

These gears are accurately cut and have the most exact centers of any gears used in any projector. All steel gears are either hardened or made of special steels, and thus give the acme of long wear.

Motiograph mechanisms use only Bakelite and steel gears, none of cast iron or bronze.

All shafts are hardened and ground, thus giving long wear.

Automatic fire shutter releases as film speed diminishes, gives positive fire protection.

Individual tension springs on shoes provides for a steady image on the screen, regardless of film condition.

Studio-type guides in conjunction with guide rollers impart steady motion to film, preventing sidesway of film.

Threading facilites are quicker, most simple and accurate, and give the projectionist more time to attend to maintenance.

The. framing lamp guards against misf'raming.

Lens holder gives rigid support to any type of lens.

In the illuminated white interior, dirt can be easily seen and promptly removed.

The finish is crinkle gray to match other parts of the projector.

All Motiograph projection equipment has been inspected and is listed as approved by the Underwritersi Laboratories, Inc.

Model S Stands

The S stand provides for precise horizontal optical alignment, as its lamphouse carriage may be moved from side to side in three slots on its main frame casting. After being adjusted to the proper position, the carriage casting can be securely locked in place by means of three hexagon cap screws.

The lamphouse carriage is designed to fit any standard are lamphouse.

Vertical optical alignment of the lamp and mechanism is simple. A large cap screw raises or lowers the union block supporting the sound reproducer and projector mechanism to the desired setting. Four screws then lock the union block securely in its proper place.

Angular adjustment is a simple operation with the easily accessible tilting device. This device like all others, may be securely locked in position. All possible projection angles are readily pro l945-THEATRE CATALOG

vided for as the S stand may be tilted 32 degrees in a downward direction and 17 degrees in an upward direction.

Leveling screws are provided to compensate for irregularities in the booth floor and to permit exact and easy leveling of the image on the screen.

An arc switch, of the 100sampere, double-pole, single-throw type, is furnished. A motor starting switch is conveniently placed on the operating side of the stand.

The entire S stand is constructed of grey cast iron and heavy gauge sheet steel and its weight of 216 pounds is evenly distributed over a floor area of 25 inches by 32 inches. The base of the stand projects forward so that the entire projector is well balanced and steady when even the greatest projection angle is utilized.

The finish is crinkle gray to match other parts of the projector.


A full 18 inches in diameter, Motiograph Model K Magazines accommodate 2,000-foot reels with ample additional room for convenient loading and threading of the film. Both the bodies and the doors, are of heavy one-piece steel con struction. Hinges are cast and nickelplated. Door latches are easily operated and positive in action. Spiders and mountings are of cast iron. Fire valves are provided in both upper and lower magazines with polished steel rollers designed to prevent film scratches. The finish is crinkle gray to match other parts of the projector.

The upper magazine is provided with an adjustable reel shaft tension device which prevents even the heaviest reel from over-running and causing film breakage.

The lower magazine is equipped with Motiographis famous positive cone friction take-up as a standard accessory. This take-up has gained universal recognition among projectionists, as being outstanding for ease of adjustment, smoothness, operating safety, and freedom from service trouble. The cork clutch facing is securely fastened to a heavy conical steel pressure plate and is unaffected by over-oiling. It cannot wrinkle or roll up, as do the facings of conventional take-ups. Take-up tension is easily adjusted while the projector is running, by simply turning the knurled adjusting knob. The conical tension spring distributes its force evenly over

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 333