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1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 340 (316)

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition
1945 Theatre Catalog
1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 340
Page 340

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 340

product of our vast investment from Hollywood and the studios of the World.

While the Century Projector Corporation sells its Model R-2 and Model R-3 sound producers, with a complete line of replacement parts, it is also distributor for Century Standard sound system and the Century Master sound systems, which are identical, respectively, with the Westrex Corporationls Standard and Master sound systems developed for the foreign market. Century also distributes the Altec-Lansing Voice of the Theatre loudspeakers.


DeVry projectors have the sound heads incorporated in the mechanism as. an integral part of the projector. This assures certainty of alignment at all times between the sound head components and the picture projector mechanism. No prisms or mirrors are involved in the sound optics, resulting in improved durability and elimination of distortion due to fogged or dirty refiecting optical faces. The fOOI-proof sound filter system is designed to maintain constant film motion at the scanning pointeyour guarantee of highest quality sound reproduction. Lateral guide roller permits delicate adjustment for all sound track limits.

DeVry amplifiers incorporate all the

latest recognized developments essential for highest quality true-to-life, humless reproduction. All materials are of the highest quality obtainable for long trouble-free performance. All electrical components are easily accessible for quick servicing.

All of the DeVry amplifiers are designed for operation on 106-125 volts, 5060 cycle alternating current. Amplifiers for operation on other than 50-60 cycle available only on special order.

The Number 7 high-fidelity auditorium amplifier has a rated power output of 18 watts at 2 per cent distortion-25 watts peak-fiat response within 1 db. from 50 to 10,000 cycles. Built-in tone compensation, enabling both low and high frequency attenuation or accentuation. Built-in monitor speaker, d. c. field supply

and dividing network. For use in con- .

junction with two DeVry 2900 preamplifiers. Complete with tubes. The Number 5 amplifier is identical to the Number 7, but less d. c. field supply and dividing network. The Number 2820 wall type, single channel 25-watt, auditorium amplifier, with a fiat response within 1 db. from 50 to 10,000 cycles, is housed in an attractive, well ventilated metal cabinet. There is included builtin monitor speaker with independent volume control, two photo-electric cell inputs, microphone and phonograph inputs, separate wide range high and low


frequency response controls. It is furnished complete wth all tubes. The amplifier can be removed completely from chassis for easy, quick servicing.

The Number 1977 dual channel amplification system utilizes two power amplifiers which can be operated in conjunction to deliver 50 watts or independently to deliver 25 watts. The fiat response within 1 db. from 50 to 10,000 cycles show a very 'low percentage of distortion. Tone compensation enables both high-frequency and bass accentuation or attenuation. Each amlifier supplies B plus and filament current for two preamplifiers. Apparatus is furnished complete with tubes. Number 1977 is designed for use with two DeVry 2900 preamplifiers.

Pre-amplifier Number 2900 utilizes two 6J7 tubes. It has separate volume control and microphone input. For wall mounting near each projector, it is connected to sound-head by coaxial-type cable to shield minute currents from interference and line loss.

Number 3968 Booth Monitor is a 10inch speaker mounted in metal cabinet with self-contained amplifier and volume control.

The 12000 series amplifier is also built on the same easy uniteservice and replacement basis. Wiring and other electrical elements are as accessible, and the units are as readily removable and replaceable as is the projector-head.

The 12000 series sound-head incorporates a new type sound filterea development which results in flutter reduction to less than 2/10 of 1 per cent. In addition, this new sound-filter functions as a free film fly wheel, with a reduction of strain, to a point where test loops of film have been run more than 2500 circuits without film damage. The new units photo-electric cell pre-amplifier is a complete unit, attached to the projector in such a way as to allow the very shortest length of cable possible between the photo cell and the first stage of the pre-amplifier, contributing materially to noise reduction.

The loud speaker systems supplied by DeVry are capable of reproducing sound over a wide, frequency rangeea range more than ample to take care of any sound film that may be offered for public showing. They will reproduce the original sound with a naturalness that will delight the most critical audience.

Every piece of DeVry equipment is thoroughly tested before delivery and the installations in the U.S.A. are supervised by DeVry,s own field service engineers. And to maintain, year after year, the high quality standards of picture and sound DeVry has built into its equipment, these men are always at your call.

DeVry Number 1975 speaker is a highfidelity, multi-cellular, d. c., filed coil speaker system, designed for use with the Number 7 amplifier which contains the dividing network and the d. c. field supply for excitation of both the high and low frequency speakers.

Al.o available is a P.M. multi-cellular speaker system (DeVry Number 1950) for use with the DeVry Number 5 amplifier.

The No. 2825 speaker is a high-fidelity, multi-cellular speaker system, utilizing two low frequency and one high fre THEATRE CATALOG--i945

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 340