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1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 393 (369)

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition
1945 Theatre Catalog
1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 393
Page 393

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 393



Lamp capacity up to 1000 watts . . . for clearer visibility and longer projection distances. Quiet motor-driven forced air cooling plus heat filter protects slides against heat damage. Cooler handling all around. Precision optical system assures perfect clarity of image. Choice of several standard lenses. 3 ground and polished condenser lenses furnished. All-steel welded construction. Adjustable bellows. Built-in tilting device. Shows standard 3%" x 4" stereopticon slides. Silent two-place slide carrier. Easy access to parts. Compact . . . stable . . . conveniently portable.

Model "D-H" Automatic Enclosed REWIND

Offers many features pioneered by, and exclusive with, GoldE. Supersilent. Super-safe. Extra-strong. U.L. approved e eliminates fire hazard. Micro-Switch safety cut-01f e when door opens, motor stops! Positive friction - will not clinch film. uTiltback" case e reels canit fly of! Motor does not transmit torque to operating parts. Reel-drive Dog prevents broken keys. Plenty of power. Modern, compact design. Assures trouble-free long-life operation.


All over America . . . and all over the world . . . enterprising

theatre owners are equipping with GoldE. The experience of

these thousands of exhibitors is a guide in choosing equipment

that serves long and well. To assure more edicient operation

and maintenance in booth, box office and lobby . . . invest igate GoldE value. It is the clean-cut result of intense re search, advanced design ideas, and precision manufacturing.

Handsome Streamlined TICKET BOX

Enhances the appearance of any theatre lobby. Sturdily constructed of 20-gauge steel. Cast aluminum top finished in black baked enamel. Bottom of cast iron. Steel ticket hopper. Piano hinge door. Cylinder lock with 2 keys. Sand blasted glass window in attractive modern design. Scientifically engineered. Chrome handles. Lifetime service. Mar-proof baked enamel finish. Choice of standard colors: Mandarin Red, Royal Blue, or Burnt orange. (Special colors at slight extra cost.)

500 Watt High Efficiency BANTAM SUPER-SPOT

Professional-type. Throws powerful beam of clear, brilliant, shadowless white light. Spots down for punchy highlighting or diffuses to even flood with easy, push-pull control. 4%" Fresnel 'heat-resisting lens. Special guard tprotects hands. Universal mounting. Perfectly balanced -- easy to bundle. Overall height 12", length 10", width 61/2", weight Slbs. Also available in 1000-watt blower cooled model.

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Carbon Waste Cans ' Sand Urns

Round Tables ' Changeovers

Cleaning Stands ' Take-ups Blower-Cooled Slide and Strip Film Proiectors


GoldE Manufacturing Company 1220 West Madison Street, Chicago 7, Illinois

Designers and Manufacturers of Booth and Box Office Equipment for Over 25 Your;


To [unlitutr Inquiry V! (I): .Ibow. [zlmir mun/ion [big volume and pugs mam/wt.
1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 393