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1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 437 (413)

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition
1945 Theatre Catalog
1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 437
Page 437

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 437




Designed and Built

O Dust and Dirt

are the two great destroyers of profit and popularity in the theatre business. iiDimmed by dusti7 your pictures are foggy, sound effects are muliied, the most beautifully furnished lobby looks shabby. Dirt on the floor and on furnishings means soiled clothing of patrons-what will a pair of white gloves look like after they have slipped from the ladyis lap to the floor of your theatre? I

It Cleans Everything

The Super Theatre Cleaner is equipped with 50 feet of long-wearing rubber covered cord which permits the operator to clean over a radius of 100 feet from any wall outlet or light socket. The floor tool goes easily under any space as little as 31/2 inches high. The Hi-up Tube is 10 feet long. Two or three of them can be fitted together giving operator an effective cleaning range 15, or 25 feet up from his reach. This cleans screen, drapes, walls. box frontsall high places. Powerful motor of The Super makes cleaning 100% effective even at such long distances from the cleaner. Special tools are provided for screen cleaning, clearing sound holes, floor surfaces of all kinds, upholstered furniture, statuary and ornamental objects, walls. etc.

Easy To Use

The Super is light-anybody can easily carry it about. It follows operator readily when pulled along. Hi-up Tube weighs only 53 ounces. All tools are lightvmade of modern light-weight metals of great strength. Screen brush is goatis hair, renews and prolongs life of screen, enhances clarity of picture and sound.

[special] y for leaning Tbeatres..

The ample power and specially engineered tools of the Super Theatre Cleaner enable the operator, however unskilled, to clean

EVERY part of a modern theatre,

including lamp house, from the

Hoor to any point 25 feet up.

It Saves Money

A Super Theatre Cleaner pays back its cost over and over again in labor-saving and lengthened life of all the things it cleans. A steady decrease in operating overhead always follows purchase of a Super. And the whole place takes on new life. Janitors freed from backbreaking drudgery have time to do many other things about the house. Box office receipts increase with flow of patronage to a bright clean theatre. Health and Fire inspection authorities are pleased.

Not a "Domestic"

Do not confuse the Super with the conventional residence type of suction cleaner. The Super is a heavy-duty cleaner, engineered and tooled for theatre cleaning.

Weaker cleaners do not and can not clean thoroughly nor can they stand the strain of the heavy work necessary if a theatre is to be truly cleaned. The motor-driven brush types are especially hard on carpets-ask any good rug salesman. Super Suction raises the trampled nap and draws the dirt and grit from the warp where it does the real harm. keeping the rug looking new and bright and giving the owner much more service.

Thousands of Super Theatre Cleaners are in use emany of them after years and years of service. When needed. replacement parts are always available. Upkeep cost is practically nil even after years of use. Every Super is fully guaranteed.

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1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 437