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1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 438 (414)

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition
1945 Theatre Catalog
1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 438
Page 438

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 438


BODY-Body of Safe, M: inch machine steel welded thruout. Outside dimensions: 121/2" high, 5" wide, 7V2" deep. Inside dimensions: 12" high, 4%" wide, 7" deep. Capacity: 335 cubic inches.

DOOReDoor and front of Safe, '/2 inch machine steel welded throughout. Top, front and bottom of the door fits in robbeted body of Safe. Rear of door interIOcks % of an inch from top to bottom with body of Safe, making it just as securely locked with the hinges removed as it is with them on. In fact, the hinges are put on so they can easily be unscrewed, preventing them from being forced off by gangsters, and damaging the Safe. Their only purpose is to swing the door open and shut.

LOCKeLock is a high-grade double-nose lock, requiring two different keys to Open. A heavy hand of steel, closely fitted, completely covering the lock, is securely bolted to the V2 inch door, preventing the lock from being punched through if attacked, is standard equipment.

CURRENCY CAPACITY-Money slot, at the tOp front of Safe, 3V2"x%", will take Fifty one-dollar bills at one time. It is protected with saw tooth baffle plate to prevent fishing money out of Safe.



Protects Your Cash Against HOLD-UPS!

A tried and proven repository for Box-Office Cash that permits the cashier to keep only the necessary change in her easily accessible cash drawer. Properly installed, the hold-up man must gain admission to the ticket booth and with heavy tools Spend upwards of one hour to pry your Box-Oftice Safe from the booth ioists. Intimidated as she may be, it is impossible for the cashier to open the Box-OFfice Safe without the second key from the Manager's OFFice.




A. Sow tooth battle plate on currency slot.

B. Five holes through 1/4" machine steel, accommodates round headed wood screws, situated in back at random widths to accommodate any location.

C. Rabbet-edge frame permits counter sunk door thereby preventing the use of a pry bar to open.

D. Interlocking flange of door slides behind frame when closing and, together with lock presents a securely locked door even it hinges are removed.

E. Heavy band of steel prevents lock from being punched thru.

If booth wall is frail, reinforce by fastening a board, same size as back of safe, to studding with screws, then anchor safe to board. Put safe in most convenient place for cashier to deposit the surplus money as fast as taken in, leaving just enough for change. '


Price: $33.50

F.O.B. Factory-Subiect To Change



Dealer in the Mosler Fire Resistive Safes and Circular Door Burglar Resistive Chests bearing the Underwriteris label.

I206 Seventh Avenue North St. Petersburg 6, Florida

Tn [arililulg inquiry nv t/Jl EIIOI'I', Mum mz-nlirm this volumr urn! [Mgr numbrr.

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 438