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1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 441 (417)

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition
1945 Theatre Catalog
1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 441
Page 441

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 441

WEAVER THEATEIEEL SPECIALTIES t 2401 East 103rd Street, Los Angeles 2, California Since191g


Foot Switches

Carbon Savers

Curtain Controls

Curtain Tracks

WEAVER Die Cast Aluminum Reels are proving to be one .

of the best reels ever made. They are light, strong, true,

with steel inserts in 5" hubs, 8 finger holes, 6 slots to insert Fire Curtain Model I'D CURTAIN CONTROLTFOr plight draw film, minutes marked to gauge film, and all surfaces Controls curmms; mbber Insumted Qummdhc lake-up

base; silent chain drive insuring positive timing. . 1/4, HP. motor is instantly reversible Without stop. ' ping motor; furnished in 55, 105, 175, or 212 it. per minute. Weight: 55 lbs. Floor space, 17"x91/2".

beveled for film protection. Shipping weight: Approximately 21/2 lbs.

Dash Pots

Model LT C URTAIN Spot Lamps TRACKeLight duty curtain track, absolutely o noiseless, all steel construction, semi < resilient Automatic Wheels, all sheaves ball Microphone bearing, holes every six . inches on rib of track for

Haists . . suspensron mounting, with 2", height 3", dis. tance from bottom of carModel B DOUSERePositive, quiet, easily installed compact . Tier Chain to top Of iTCICk. Clrculcrr 8...

electrical changeover for all types of projectors. Model B I for Standard or Super Simplex. Model E-7: Model 5-]; Curtam TraCks

Model K,- Model HH: Model HL for lamp houses with light

cones. . Model ST CURTAIN - Ma asco TRACK-H a d t Model 100 FOOT SVVITCHeWith Hod-l 21585a momentary gn . pe t ke gyl uly ' I I I - Umts curtain trac , a so ute y contact swrtch, for 2 or 3 machine installations; cast d noiseless steel construce Glutnin'um C089; an I tion with processed V easrly installed. Theatncctl Maple track and non. 51/ZX33/4X3V8H- Specialties metallic wheels, all

Passed by National Board of Fire U n d e r writers.

sheaves ball bearing, holes every six inches on rib for suspension mount< ing, width, 4", height, 41/2", distance from bottom of carrier chain to top of track, 12".


'l 9 4 5 - T H E A T R E C A T A I. O G To facilitate inquiry 72 lb: about, plus: mention Ibis volume and pug: numb".
1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 441