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1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 457 (431)

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition
1945 Theatre Catalog
1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 457
Page 457

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 457

Back-Lighted Displays-Where display cases are sufficiently deep to allow for the inclusion of electrical facilities for back-lighting, several types of beautiful displays is adaptable to dimly-lighted lobbies and foyers, where it is desirable that all light emanate from behind the display; or in well-lighted lobbies, foyers or theatre fronts, where the double effectiveness of back-lighting and frontlighting is desired.

In the category of special accessories suitable for back-lighting are several items.

Transparencies are multivcolored 40x 60 display pieces which are completely transparent. The carefully blended colors are intensified as the light passes through them, giving unusual effectiveness in dim lobby or brilliantly lighted front. Embodying every facility for selling the show, these displays afford selected lighting of lobby and foyer without impairing the value of the advertising.

Hollywood Specials are 40): 60 cut-out displays, backed with transparent paper, and attain added effectiveness through the use of Photo-Art of stars and scenes. The addition of Colorart to the PhotoArt sections is currently enhancing this colorful production. Light, passing through the lifelike Colorart photos, produces a realistic effect, adding distinction to this piece and power to its selling job.

Neo-Art is the aristocrat of lobby advertising. Adaptable to lobby or front, this creation combines dignity with superlative Showmanship. A sturdy, colorful, 40x60 cutout display, Neo-Art embodies transparent Colorart life-likeness with carefully blended color-backgrounds and is ingeniously lighted to create a patented neon-like effect, as well as carefully planned sprays of light which enhance the three-dimensional appearance. This display is truly a theatrical production which gains added beauty and emphasis through welelanned lighting effects.

Neo-Art displays are individually produced; their carefully hand-appliqued sections precluding the use of massproduction methods. Unsurpassed in beauty, dignity, and selling-power, they represent the greatest advancement in theatre-display advertising known to the motion-picture theatre.

Standing Frames

In addition to the uses in standard 40x60 wall frames in lobby or front, the aforementioned group of custombuilt accessories are especially adaptable for use in special frames located in dimly lighted corners of the lobby, foyer, staircase landings, and other vantage points, Where standing frames may be placed at will, and where an otherwise unused, bare spot might be employed to do an outstanding selling-job. No modern theatre is complete unless it has availed itself of this advanced medium of display advertising.

Another deluxe style of display, available in both 30x40 and 40x60 sizes, is the Special, individually produced with air-brushed colors, flittered cutout







BANNERS, 24x60 and 24x82, provide sizable display of titles and cast in all overhead spaces on walls, staircases, und entrances in the foyer, lobby, and front. Offering the combined advantages of size and color, banners are easily seen and their bold display of title and cast easily assimilated. They are ideal for such spaces in the theatre which lack the requisite vertical area needed by the usual displays but are sufiiciently wide.

titles, and appliqued star-heads, all mounted on heavy board. Forceful, individually designed creations, these efforts of master craftsmen are intended exclusively for front-lighting. This display provides a fine, potent selling-piece, which adds stature to the production it advertises.

Available on a rental plan, added economy and effectiveness are derived from the use of these display pieces in the foyer, then moving them to the lobby as the play date draws near, and finally, utilizing them as displays for the current attraction in the theatre front.

HOLLYWOOD 40x60 DISPLAYS show the combined effectiveness of front lighting and back lighting for lobbies and foyers. Here the display is in a standing frame, but it is equally adaptable to wall frames.


Overhead spaces on walls, staircases, and entrances in foyer, lobby and front may be converted into potent,.point-ofcontact advertising media, through the use of colorful banners. Available in 24 x 60- and 24 x 82-inch sizes, banners provide bold, sizeable display of title and cast to catch the eye of patrons hurrying in or out of the theatre, up close or at a distance.

Offering the combined advantages of size and color, banners are easily seen and their bold display of title and cast, easily assimilated. They are ideal for

TRANSPARENCIES prove effective in dark foyer; or unlighted corners, as shown here, where the display is solely back-lighted. This poster is also used with equal effectiveness in the back-lighted wall frames.

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 457