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1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 468 (442)

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition
1945 Theatre Catalog
1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 468
Page 468

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 468

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PLACEMENT 0F POSTERS is dependent, to a great extent, on the number of people who may be counted on to

see a definite spat.

Here in this traffic-flow map of Los Angeles is shown the daily circulation on the primary

streets between 6 A. M. and 12 P. M. The circles indicate the positions of 24-sheet boards. Since the width of the lines indicate the relative volume of traffic, note well how the bulletins make the most of their situations.

potential prospects for shows of some kind.

In the case of shows the maximum in circulation is sought, and outdoor provides that maximum.

Outdoor advertising also reaches everyone in the show businessetheatre managers, actors and actresses, box-oiiice personnel, ticket agents, ushers, criticse in short, everyone.


The cost of poster advertising varies in different markets. Here are typical costs for coverage in markets of various sizes which may be regarded as representative of their respective population groups.

The No. 100 coverage is generally regarded as the standard, but other coverages are availableethe No. 50 coverage, which consists of approximately half as

THE PAINTED BULLETIN, painted by hand on the sheet-steel surface of the bulletin, is particularly effective for the attraction that can be announced quite a bit in advance of opening and that can be depended on to spend some time at the theatre. These painted bulletins are used on an individual basis, the number depending on the advertiser's particular desire. Costs are based on size of bulletin, location, size of city, and circulation reached.


many posters and costs half as much, and the No. 25 coverage, which consists of approximately one-quarter as many posters at a quarter the cost.


To cover the subject of the location of outdoor displays, I quote from the Statement of Policy by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, Inc.

Members of this Association will erect and maintain advertising structures only:

(a) upon property leased or owned by the members;

(b) in accordance with Association standards of construction and maintenance:

(6) consistent with established principles of safety, as defined by traffic and engineering authorities ;

(d) in such a manner as to recognize and respect the public interest in (1) natural scenic beauty; (2) parks, parkways, and their immediate approaches: (3) historical monuments, shrines, and places;

(e) so as to respect the lights and interests of owners and occupants of property in fact residential.

Cost of a No. 100 Poster Advertising Coverage in Cities and Towns of Various Sizes

Number of Posters


- - E S eCost City or Town Population E: I; pthonm t 5 Z : Chicago 3,396,800 100 60 $4,040.00 Minneapolis 507,100 30 20 1,200.00 Atlanta

District 385,700 32 14 997.80 Fort Wayne

Market 122,100 14 6 403.80 Waterbury,

Ct. Dist. 137,300 10 6 450.00 Fresno Dist. 60,700 6 6 350.00 Fargo Mkt. 42,900 14 # 175.00 Burlington,

N. J. 10,905 5 - 75.00 Atlantic, Ia. 5,802 3 - 28.80 Farmington,

Iowa 968 1 - 10.80


There are several forms of outdoor advertising, but by far the most popular is poster advertising, which is used on the basis of providing market coverage.

Another form of outdoor advertising in fairly wide use for theatres is painted bulletins.

With these bulletins the advertisement is painted by hand directly on the sheetsteel surface of the bulletin. Unlike poster advertising, which is used in groups to provide complete market coverage, painted bulletins are used on an individual basiseone, two, three, or more, according to the advertisers wishes. The advertiser also selects the specific bulletin or bulletins he desires and cost is on an individual basis which varies, depending on size of bulletin, location, size of city, circulation reached, and other factors.

Full information regarding outdoor advertising in local markets may be had by calling the local outdoor advertisingplant owner whose name appears as an imprint on the poster panel or painted bulletin.

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 468