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1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 475 (449)

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition
1945 Theatre Catalog
1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 475
Page 475

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 475

numerals which are easy to read, even at distances, all holidays, both legal and with possible box-office advantages, are clearly and legibly indicated.

A Perpetual Clearance Calendar is mainly needed in the booking book only, or possibly under the glass of a desk top. It is in this latter location that many exchange bookers throughout the USA. use the Perpetual Clearance Calendar as originally prepared by THE EXHIBITOR many years ago, but since often reprinted by contemporaries.

Actually the Perpetual Clearance Calendar is changeless and not adected by the calendar year. Its purpose is to level out the odd number of days in each month so that to arrive at an availability date, the executive need not reason whether he is counting through a 31-day January or a 28-day February. As a matter of fact, he need not count at all, but only add his days of clearance to a number opposite the date on which it starts, and quickly arrive at the availability date. A robot or slide rule for quick dating, its method is more fully explained by an illustration elsewhere in this article.

REVIEWING AND INDEX RECORDS. The system of reviewing and indexing pictures of the current season, as developed by THE EXHIBITOR, is not only the industry's most complete but also the most easily worked. The review section is published as an independent section, and come to the subscriber already punched for insertion in the Service Kit. Each new review section should be inserted (above) immediately following the last one.

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In the category of theatre management records, there are some which are absolutely necessary to efficient management and others which are merely helpful. Of the former, one of the most important is a permanent equipment record.

Permanent Equipment Record

Most executive theatremen can remember numerous occasions when in the buying of equipment or supplies while in their local film center, they had to depend on their own memory or guess, or on that of their favorite supply dealer, as to the model, make, or dimensions of some one piece of equipment or some one location in their theatre. With all of the difiierent types of projection, sound, comfort, air conditioning, etc., equipment in the modern theatre, it would be a memory test indeed to remember all pertinent data

about each individual piece, aside from h . I . f d . h. I all physical dimentions of the theatre as IN LOOKING UP A PICTURE, only the latest Index should be consulted. W'hen,t e tlte Is 'oun. In t I5 atest Well cumulative index (which also is maintained up-to-date In regard to changes in title and running time), as shown i h . , above, one turns to the page indicated (below) whereon the complete review will be found. Sufiiaent facts and I mioegfdrueiiregl Oflthelie dag: tohgne suggestions are given with each review that any picture can be intelligently exploited even without a pressbook. , on y c ang w n s

new piece of equipment is purchased, or some remodeling should change the physical contours of the theatre, THE EXHIBITOR, in its Service Kit, provides such a form. Kept right with the Booking and Buying sheets, this seems to be the one best place to carry it with the certainty that it will be available as i I i r r . needed. The most beautiful inventory of - i , a L Lirmxmwm, equipment on file in your theatre is of no A use to you whatsoever if that file is a hundred or more miles away from where you are discussing purchases or repairs.

Itemizing in complete detail all facts, from the angle and length of the projection beam to the capacity of the curtain control motor, such a record, if carefully prepared once, can be of invaluable aid to many future times.

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list of Local Addresses and Phones

Again to be inserted right with the Booking and Buying sheets as the one place that is always at hand, should be a

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1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 475