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1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 493 (467)

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition
1945 Theatre Catalog
1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 493
Page 493

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 493

Walls of the auditorium have their cinder-block construction overlaid with two inches of rock wool and this is covered with velour. The ceiling is of acoustical plaster. The side-wall decorative fixtures are silhouette figures, slightly moulded.

The soscalled crying room, where mothers of small or nursing children may retire in sound-proof privacy, is an especially desirable feature of the newer neighborhood theatres. At the Colvin, this room was given special Sanitas walls, and has fully carpeted floor, with ceiiing of acoustical plaster. Instead of the usual type of theatre chair, special, comfortable, and convenient club chairs are provided. A small area just off the crying roomebut actually still a part of itehas a hardwood door where small children, a bit too big to be held in the

amns throughoult an entlre Show? may THE PATRONiS FIRST LOOK-SEE at the Calvin is a vista of simplicity, enhanced by a carpet of bold design. The play With a hObby horse and a variety side walls of the foyer are covered with tufted Fabricoid, with an acoustical plaster ceiling. The pillars of the of toys provided by the theatre. A center are faced with black-and-gold marble, similar to that used around the ticket lobby. The same material special monitor brings in the sound por- is also used to embellish the standee rail. The light-decorated drinking fountain of darker material offers contrast.

tion of the theatres program.

The powder room, like the crying room, up a few steps from the auditorium level, is similar in construction, but having one mirrored wall.

All toilet areas are fully tiled, with tile floors.

The projection room, on the apartment floor, is reached by a special rear entrance and short corridor, with the film being delivered by means of a film hoist built in as part of the building. In equipment, the latest available in sound-together with the modern accessories for etiiCient booth operation -- have been installed.

Parking Area

At the time Basil Brothers purchased the lots for the Colvin Theatre, they also arranged to buy the remaining land adjoining in the block for parking area. Due to wartime restrictions, however, it could not be completed until a few weeks

ago. But today, that area 250 ft. x 150 fig, large enough for 100 cars, has been THE CASH CUSTOMERS at the Calvin Theatre have this View of the auditorium, and, naturally, it is the general

completed and is in constant use view had from the viewing window of the Basil apartment. The ceiling, with center-lined combination lighting . . i . fixtures and air diffusers, is acoustically treated. The walls are covered with velour, with the side-Wall fixtures cgslt in silhouette and slightly modeled. The theatre, seating more than 1,000, is ainconditioned for year-'round service. w 7

cluded removing telephone and electric poles', and leveling the ground by bull dozers. The area has a 6-inch foundation . . of crushed stone of Various grades THE PARKING AREA was acquired at the same time the property for the theatre was bought. Whlle this part of

covered by a rough coat then a gner the development is not wholly complete, the present area, 250x150 feet, is able to handle some 100 cars. A finish f black to Th enyt- . 1 t h n concrete island has been placed in the center of the lot, to serve both as a walk for patrons and as a line but Ont f n pet e separator for the cars. As is the case with similar parking lots, no charges are levied against theatre patrons. a me O CO CT e aroun e 011 S] e.

This is about 12 inches high and also serves as a bumperstop.

A concrete island has been placed in the center of the lot. This serves as both a walk for the patrons and also a line separator for the cars.

The area has been marked 011' in order to obtain the maximum in usage and is also complete with directional signs as well as being illuminated.

The village of Kenmore, a suburb of Buffalo, in which the theatre is located is greatly interested in this improvement and at the present time is widening Konmore Avenue, a cross city thoroughfare in the block where the theatre is located. This naturally results in a better flow of tradic, adds greatly to the appearance of the entire block and prevents the risk of accidents when entering or leaving the parking area.

1945 Theatre Catalog, 4th Edition, Page 493